Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Trouble brewing in Durham...

If Duke beats UNC in basketball March 8, the Dookies may not be able to burn a bunch of stuff in celebration. There favorite target is usually the wooden benches scattered all over campus. (Hey, Duke dudes, don’t burn your own stuff…Jeez. You got ANY kids from Maryland or West Virginia? Ask them, they’ll show you what to do.)

The city fire marshal wants to meet with student leaders before deciding whether to issue Duke a permit for a bonfire for that night.

According to the Raleigh News & Observer: Long a campus ritual, the bonfire was not in the plans last week when Duke won in Chapel Hill. But some students fired up an illegal blaze on the main quad anyhow. Nobody was hurt, but the unsanctioned bonfire was a big no-no that left future fires in doubt.

"It's not looking good for us," said Sunny Kantha, a junior from Ohio and vice president of athletics and campus services within Duke Student Government. "If we do win, people love having the bonfire. It's one of the most memorable Duke moments."

The unsanctioned fire was no joke, said Angelica Stroud, a Fire Department spokeswoman. "With the dry wind conditions, that very easily could have gotten out of control," she said.

"Last year we were a far shot from beating UNC," Kantha said. "This year, when we can, we can't even get a bonfire."

Jeez, Dookies, get it together -- negotiate!

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