Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Every year the folks at Sports Illustrated put together The Year in Pictures.

We thought we'd share some. Some have already been published right here at TAH so good on us.

They are so good at what they do, we saw no earlthy reason to try and duplicate thier efforts.

Well done, SI.

All 43 photos can be seen at:


PHOTO CREDITS: Joseph Adai really can fly - Bob Rosato/SI, Camel Racing - Exra Shaw/Getty Images, Dog Challenge – AP, HelloMoto bike crash - Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/Getty Images, Ice Racing – Bob Martin/SI, Steeplechase - Bob Martin/SI, Duke/UNC lacrosse - Kevin C. Cox/WireImage.com, NAIA Champs in the mud – AP, Clinton Portis upside down – AP, Sailboat - Borlenghi/SEASEE/Icon SMI, Ski jumping on LSD - Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images, NBA and sneakers - Greg Nelson/SI, Sunrise at Fair Grounds racetrack in New Orleans – AP, Surfer (Oh S#&%!!) – AP, Tiger Woods – Robert Beck/SI, Tour De Farce De Dope De Whatever – AP, UNC football - Streeter Lecka/AFP/Getty Image, Virginia Tech baseball team in April - Bob Rosato/SI, Tenn vs. UNC NCAA tourney - Bill Frakes/SI

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