Wednesday, January 2, 2008


If, like us, you didn't sit on your holiday induced burgeoning butt sipping beer/wine/hard liquor/moonshine/coffee/water/ Mountain Dew, while snarfing down some bratts/pizza/popcorn/leftovers/ stocking candy/black-eyed peas during an all encompassing day of sports' television, here's what you missed.

If you did spend all day yesterday in front of the tube, here's what you might have missed because of bathroom breaks, intermittent naps, brain incapable of processing information due to excessive celebration the night before or just because some member of your family had the audacity to interrupt your holiday T.V. coma to regail you with some completely useless information like "Mom/Dad, the cat is throwing up"...

It is one of the most ambitious and complicated TAH editions ever.


(Don't miss the third photo and caption from the Outback Bowl.)

(Hockey photos by Harry How/Getty Images, flyover photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

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