Tuesday, January 22, 2008


After a weekend of upsets, Duke is suddenly ranked higher in the polls than UNC.

If that wasn’t enough, the media (including Michael Wilbon on PTI last night) is calling out UNC fans for crying over the loss to Maryland. Of course, they make the good point that it’s only a regular season game and nobody is going undefeated in parody soaked D1 hoops. As unlikely as going undefeated is, it is even more so in the hyper-competitive ACC. So we concur, crying is a stretch…You cry in March and April, not January...or if you're Terrell Owens...

But what the critics don’t understand is that the prevailing thought wasn’t “Oh, NO! We’ve lost to an unranked team, WAAAAAAH!”

It was actually, “Oh, NO! We just lost to an unranked team and now DOOK is gonna be ranked higher than us. Man, that sucks! SH&&&&&######@@@!!!!!”

It’s all a matter of perspective.

The spate of upsets, left just Memphis and Kansas undefeated.

#1 UNC, #4 UCLA, #9 Texas A&M, #13 Marquette, #15 Mississippi, #16 Pitt, #24 Miami and #25 Arizona State all lost.

Memphis is the new #1 followed by Kansas, Duke, UNC and Tennessee.

Maryland got one vote in this week’s AP poll.

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