Thursday, January 10, 2008


J.P. Giglion ACCNOW Thursday 1/09/08

Save for two games, nonconference play ends tonight (Wednesday) for the ACC. Duke-St. John's and Georgia Tech-UConn are the only games outside the league left on the schedule between Thursday and the ACC title game on March 16.

What has the ACC done against outside competition? The league compiled a 120-31 record in all nonconference games and 25-24 against the top 100 in Ken Pomeroy's RPI. (now 122-33)

That adds up to the No. 1 rating for a conference in Pomeroy's RPI. Once into league play, ACC teams typically improve their RPI because they play more road games which are worth more to the computer than home games.

Does that mean the ACC will send seven teams to the NCAA Tournament like last season? The ACC has eight teams in the top 75, which makes it possible, but definitely a long shot. Five maybe six NCAA teams seems more likely.

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