Friday, January 18, 2008


Bobby Frasor’s season-ending knee injury suffered against Nevada on Dec. 27 will take up to six months to rehab. That should have Frasor back dribbling in time for his senior season, but plans are already being made for an appeal to the NCAA for a Medical Hardship Waiver.

According to Paul Lucas at, three conditions must be met for a waiver case to be open and shut:

1. The injury must be incapacitating (Frasor easily meets this one)

2. It has to occur in the first half of the season (Again, no problem)

3. The injury must occur before the student-athlete participates in more than 30 percent of his team's scheduled games. Number three, obviously, is the part that must be appealed, and the appeal can't be filed until the end of the season. The way the NCAA counts games, the Tar Heels are slated to play 32 games this year (the NCAA Tournament doesn't count). Frasor played in 12, meaning he appeared in 38 percent of Carolina's games. By NCAA math, he could have appeared in 10 games and remained under the 30 percent threshold (the NCAA rounds up 9.6 to 10).

So two games are at issue. To admittedly prejudiced Carolina fans, that might sound like a tiny figure. But the NCAA makes rules for a reason, and all involved acknowledge that the chances of receiving the medical redshirt are slim.
Despite the bleak outlook for an additional season, Frasor remains remarkably philosophical about his fortunes.

"This isn't a tragedy," he says. "Jonas (Sahratian) gave me a quote: `Champions don't make comebacks, they overcome setbacks.' That's been in my head ever since…

This recent photo seems to indicate that when it comes to the suits out in Kansas City, Frasor isn’t quite as "philosophical."

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