Thursday, January 31, 2008


Some TAH readers are probalby too young to remember Len Bias -- the next legit Michael Jordan.

As we always keep an eye out for the next great sports movie...We keep a file called "Rudy - NOT" just ready for the scoop on the next Bull Durham, The Natural or Tin Cup.

At the recent Sundance Film Festival held in our favorite ski spot, Park City, Utah, perhaps the most talked-about sports flick didn't screen. However, director/producer Kirk Fraser hit the streets to spread the word about his almost-completed documentary about deceased Celtics draft pick and Terp star Bias.

Fraser, who received the Bias family's blessing, conducted on-camera gabs with John Thompson, John Lucas, D.C. mayor (and cocaine user) Marion Berry and, in their first interview since the tragedy, the three witnesses to Bias' drug overdose: Terry Long, David Gregg and Brian Tribble.

With Boston flying high and steroids all the rage, Fraser says it's time drop some knowledge. "It's not for the money, but to prevent the cycle and the production of another Len Bias."

Here's a nice little unrelated documentary that sums up the Bias' story for those of you that missed it twenty-some years ago...

(Photos by SI and the Baltimore Sun)

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