Wednesday, January 30, 2008


By Todd Boyd/ Special to ESPN-Page 2

It's not every day that a shoe demands its own cultural history. But of course, not every shoe is an Air Jordan.

The release of the new Air Jordan XX3, amid speculation that this may be the final edition of this most vaunted pair of kicks, brings us full circle from Nov. 17, 1984, when Michael Jordan debuted the shoes in a game against the Philadelphia 76ers and Dr. J, the game's reigning icon at the time and the player MJ would most often be compared to in his early NBA years.

Jordan ruffled the feathers of some NBA veterans when he stepped on the floor at the 1985 All-Star Game in Indianapolis wearing his own Air Jordan gear from head to toe, instead of the officially issued All-Star Game apparel that everyone else was wearing. He also turned the heads of many young NBA fans, who by now were dying to replicate his high-flying style off the court. The Air Jordan 1 was released for sale to the public not long after.

In the ensuing 23 years, Jordan went from spectacular rookie to cultural icon…

The rest of the story…

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