Thursday, January 24, 2008


But, we already knew that...

If you don't know, he’s on ESPN radio, and he replaced Tony Kornheiser (Tonee-Tonee), who is one of our all time favorites, so he was (and, still is) facing an uphill climb in our radio book.

Cowherd clearly enjoys being controversial – that’s part of his job. But, yesterday he said something that was just plain dumb.

Cowherd was talking to Kirk Herbstreet, an Ohio State guy, and Herbsteet was poking fun at his boys when he said, “If you think Big 10 football is bad, you should check out the roundball.”

Of course, Cowherd piled on, and then out of the blue he said the ACC was a “lousy conference” because after North Carolina “there aren’t any good teams.” We don’t want to put words in his mouth, but if the ACC is lousy, are all the conferences lousy?

Hmmm…last time we looked, Duke was ranked higher than UNC. Shouldn’t Cowherd know that his fellow sportswriters over at the AP and his co-workers at ESPN think the lousy ACC has two teams in the top five?

We would think that this shot across the bow would fire up the Duke crowd like Cowherd’s now famous Zima rant whipped up the Wahoos!

(Graphic by Joe Giannetto,

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