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VIRGINIA 76, Longwood (Lancers, 4,479 students, Farmville, VA) 57

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) -- The Cavaliers are going into a break for exams, but coach Dave Leitao gave Friday's performance a failing grade.

Leitao certainly isn't handing out A's for effort, either, calling Virginia's 76-57 win over Longwood "probably one of the most uninspiring performances we have had."

"I'm not looking at anything that I saw from a positive standpoint or an individual standpoint," Leitao said. "If you have a flat tire on your car, does it matter if it's shiny?"


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Navy coach Paul Johnson, who coached Division I-AA Georgia Southern and led the Eagles to a 62-10 record and two consecutive I-AA national championships and who turned one of the country's worst teams (Navy) into an annual bowl participant, has agreed to become Georgia Tech's next football coach.

Johnson, who had a 45-39 record in six seasons at Navy, replaces Chan Gailey.

Johnson, who is perhaps best known for his potent triple-option spread offense, led the Midshipmen to unprecedented success during his tenure at the academy. Under his watch, Navy was 11-1 against Army and Air Force and won the Commander-In-Chief's Trophy five consecutive seasons.

Navy went 8-4 this season and beat Notre Dame 46-44 in triple overtime, ending an NCAA-record 43-game losing streak to the Fighting Irish.

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OK, we’ve taken our fair share of shots (cheap and otherwise) at JJ Redick. But, we heard a great story about him a few nights back in the local tavern, so January is going to be JJ Redick Appreciation Month.

Details to follow.

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YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED the small black strip on every ACC teams uniform...All are wearing it as a tribute to the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings.
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TURNS OUT, Kansas head coach Mark Mangino was seen in the room prior to Beamer's news conference lurking about those very same oranges. An Orange Bowl staffer saw Mangino, but thought he was “just looking for something else to eat.”

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Friday, December 7, 2007


Dear Mr. Snyder:

Heartfelt congratulations on a tough win last night. Playing for the second time in five days while still grieving for a teammate and friend was surely difficult. Well done, burgundy and gold.

I’m writing today to talk a little football…a return to NORMALCY so to speak for a few minutes.

How about those late round quarterbacks from Michigan? Who KNEW Tom Brady and Todd Collins were bookends?

Last night, Collins, 36, in his thirteenth year of clip board containment was simply AMAZING. Replacing injured Jason Campbell, he was 15 of 20 for 224 yards and two touchdowns. His quarterback rating was 144.6 which is damn near perfect. Move over Peyton.

That performance makes him an instant nominee for the Journeyman Quarterback Hall of Fame. Make room Elvis Grbac, Chris Chandler, Jeff Garcia, Kordell Stewart, Brian Greese and Rex Grossman (to name just a VERY few), our main man Todd Collins is in the HOUSE!

Now some news wags are gonna call our new MAIN MAN a journeyman. As defined by Wikipedia (who, if you didn’t know, is the smartest guy in the whole world other than Al Gore), “a journeyman is a players who is skilled enough to remain in pro sports but not skilled enough to earn a permanent position on one team. Players given this moniker tend to be adept at a particular aspect of their sport, but do not possess well-rounded talent comparable to their more-successful peers. They are traded between or signed by several different teams over their career, sometimes even over the course of a single season, based on the teams' need for a player with a specific talent.”

You want journeyman QBs, the Skins can give you JOURNEYMAN QBs. Take a look at the Redskins list from recent history (in alphabetical order)…brace yourself, reading this is unpleasant, it could induce some NAUSEA

Gus Ferrotte, Jeff George, Gibran Jamdan, Tim Hasselback, Jeff Hostetler, Todd Husak, Brad Johnson, Mike Kruczek, Jamie Martin, Shane Mathews, Kim McQuilken, Rodney Peete, Partick Ramsey, Sage Rosenfels, Jeff Rutledge, and…drum roll, please…Heath Shuler and Danny Wuerffel. Some had longer and/or better journeys than others, but Journeymen one and ALL.

And people actually wonder why the Redskins HAVEN’T won a Super Bowl since 1992. You know, it’s not a coincidence that Wuerffel rhymes with AWFUL.

So what’s different about Collins? Simple, he’s been hanging around with Offensive GENIUS Al Saunders for seven years now…He KNOWS the system inside and out, and last night you could tell that by watching Collins’ toss it around to anybody, and everybody, in maroon and white.

His game icing third down touchdown pass to Ladel Betts was the SHARPEST touchdown thrown by a Redskin in a long time. Only Collins, who knows the system so well, could have thrown it. It was spectacular. Great read. GREAT pass. Touchdown, game OVER.

(Oh by the way, it was noted that Skins were PASSING last night instead of RUNNING late in the game as they looked to successfully protect a lead. After the game, Chris Cooley said, "It was not the typical Redskins drive at the end of the game. Maybe we're learning from our past mistakes." Bet Coach Joe loved that. Does the Coolster still have a JOB this morning?)

So, it looks like we’ve got Todd for the next three games. Obviously, teams will figure some stuff out, but if the Redskins tattered O-line can give Collins TIME, he can execute all 700 pages of my favorite book “War and Saunders.” He’s done it before against fourth-teamers in JULY, so why not do it now against cold, exhausted, beat-up first team defenders in DECEMBER?

ENJOY the week off, and please THROTTLE the Giants.

Happy Holidays (for now)
Your Loyal Fan


MARYLAND 89, Morgan State 65

Eric Hayes scored a career-high 19 points, Greivis Vasquez had 17 points and 11 assists, and Maryland pulled away to an 89-65 victory over in-state foe Morgan State (Bears, 6,003 students, Baltimore, MD) on Thursday night.

James Gist scored 18 to top the 1,000-mark for his career and Bambale Osby had 16 for Maryland, which opens ACC play Sunday at home against Boston College.

Osby (50) leaps up to block a shot by Morgan State's Jamar Smith (34).

It’s only December, but Osby is the clear early leader for the TAH Turf Award…that’s some quality hair.

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Another ACC coach has thrown luggage at Arkansas, and the awesome power that is ACC football magnifies once again! (What the hell is going on?)

Wake Forest's Jim Grobe was the latest to turn down the Razorbacks after he appeared to be headed to Fayetteville. The Razorback Foundation, a private fundraising arm for the University of Arkansas, had actually approved a salary supplement for the Wake Forest coach, but Grobe was still with the Demon Deacons on Thursday.

Before starting practice, some Wake Forest players cheered "Sooie!" -- a reference to Arkansas' famous "Pig Sooie" cheer.

Who’s next? Fridge?

(Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images)


Virginia defensive end Chris Long won the Ted “The Stork” Hendricks award, Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2007, as the nation's best defensive end.

(AP Photo/Wyoming Tribune Eagle, Michael Smith, file)


Ray Guy Award winner Durant Brooks, of Georgia Tech, stands with his award at the Home Depot College Football awards in Orlando, Fla. on Thursday, Dec. 6, 2007. The award is for the outstanding college punter.

We wonder how many winners played on teams that fired their head coaches due to too many punts?

(Besides Georgia Tech, that is...)

(AP Photo/Reinhold Matay)


Christmas songs aside, there's cold, and then there’s cold.

From the 10:30 in the first half to the 11:00 minute mark in the second half Bobby Knight’s Texas Tech Red Raiders outscored Louisiana Tech (Bulldogs, 9,331 students, Ruston, LA) 42 to 1.

During the seemingly endless stretch, the Bulldogs went 0-27 from the field including a missed layup and one missed dunk.

Texas Tech won the game eighty-something to thirty-something.


THE DOG ATE TAH'S HEISMAN BALLOT...The Heisman Trophy is displayed near the end zone of Ohio Stadium in this Nov. 18, 2006 file photo.

The four Heisman finalists were announced Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2007. They are Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan, Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel, Arkansas running back Darren McFadden and Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

(AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)


HEY, NORMAL NECK...The four Heisman finalist are shown in these 2007 university handout photos. They are: Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan, Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel, Arkansas running back Darren McFadden and Florida quarterback Tim Tebow .

Everybody but Colt "Normal Neck" Brennan looks like a big burly football guy. Brennan looks like a regular Joe college student.

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COLLEGES OUR PARENTS HAD THE GOOD SENSE NEVER TO TELL US ABOUT...Any school in South Florida, Tulane in New Orleans and the University of Hawaii... Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan finished the regular season with 4,174 yards in passing and 38 touchdowns while setting the major college record for career touchdown passes with 131.

Here he is with his parents, Betsy, left, and Terry after Hawaii won their college football game against Washington at Aloha Stadium last Saturday.

(AP Photo/Marco Garcia)


50 TOUCHDOWNS…Not a bad year. Quarterback Tim Tebow has accounted for 3,970 yards of total offense this season. That's more than 12 entire teams, including Miami, Notre Dame and a bowl-eligible Mississippi State squad.

Tebow's 22 rushing touchdowns place him third in the nation, behind two running backs. The 22 rushing touchdowns are also the most by any player in the history of the SEC, and are tied for the most by a quarterback in NCAA history. Tebow's 51 total touchdowns lead the nation, and only seven players have passed for more touchdowns.

Sophomore or not, he get’s TAH’s vote.

(Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)


THEY MAY NOT HAVE A COACH, but they have a great tailback. Arkansas' Darren McFadden is one of the four finalists for the Heisman.

None has a ride as sweet as Darren’s.

(McFadden running photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images, Sweet Ride photo anonymous)

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Syracuse (Orange, 19,082 students, Syracuse, NY) 70, VIRGINIA 68
ESPN’s Len Elmore (Maryland) said it was too much Sean Singletary and not enough of everybody else as the Wahoos lost just their second game ever at John Paul "Kashmir" Jones Arena. Singletary had a miserable game for the Cavaliers, missing 11 of 14 shots and six of eight free throws, including his first five. He came in 45-for-48 at the line, but was clearly not up to par and drew a pass for his off performance from Hoo head coach Dave “The Lemon Drop” Leitao.

"There's nothing that he can do that's going to draw criticism from me," Leitao said. "He's done far, far more than anybody could ever have imagined and will do much more before his career is over. So when he has a night when he's less than perfect, the last thing any of us need to do is throw any kind of criticism his way."

#25 Vanderbilt (Commodores, 11,607 students, Nashville, TN) 83, WAKE FOREST 80

GEORGIA TECH 72, Georgia State (Panthers, 7,373 students, Atlanta, GA) 67

#17 CLEMSON 82, East Carolina (Pirates, 18,587 students, Greenville, NC) 67

Clemson's Terrence Oglesby (22) drives to the basket as East Carolina's John Fields (23) defends during the second half of a college basketball game in Greenville, N.C., Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2007. Ogelsby scored a season-high 22 points.

Evidently, somebody forgot to wash the Pirates' home unis.

(AP Photo/Gerry Broome)


If the ACC is so lame in football, why is an SEC power trying to steal one of the coaches (again)?

Rebuffed by Carolina's Butch Davis and Clemson's Tommy Bowden, Arkansas is now looking to land Wake Forest’s Jim Grobe as the new Razorback coach.

A University of Arkansas private fundraising arm approved a salary supplement Wednesday for Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe, a strong indication that Grobe will replace Houston Nutt as the Razorbacks' coach. There was no word from the university, however, on whether Grobe would replace Nutt, who "quit " Nov. 26 and was hired almost immediately at Ole Miss.

(Arkansas's Chancellor John White suffered only minor burns when his pants caught on fire after expressing his support of Nutt just one day before Nutt "quit.")

The Morning News of Northwest Arkansas reported on its Web site Wednesday night that Grobe would likely be introduced Thursday as Arkansas' coach.

(Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images with a Nikon D80 MRAC - Mind Reading Automatic Camera)


In a desperate attempt to land 2011 NFL first round draft pick, All-SoCon Everything freshman quarterback Scott Riddle, Duke Athletic Missdirector Joe Alleva has promised to change the name of the Duke football team from Blue Devils to Riddles. "It's the least we can do," said Alleva.

Dressed in a Bat Man costume Maryland's Ralph Friedgen, who hasn't exactly suffered from an over abundance of talent at the quarterback position was quick to jump on the band wagon. "Hey, we're named after a turtle, I'm flexible," said Friedgen. (Unfortunatley, TAH was unable to obtain a photo.)

Duke basketball icon, head coach Mike Krzydhfbvxm8ski was quick to express his displeasure with the concept. "Alleva is a (bleep)ing knucklehead," Krxhadhv43ski said, "(Bleep) no, there is no (bleep)ing way I'm gonna change our (bleeping) name. What next? We recruit som kid from Lithuania, and then we(bleeping) change my (bleep)ing house to Coach L (bleep)ing Court...No way."

The Riddle camp could not be reached for comment.



Happy Birthday, Commish/Editor.

One question: why are the guys on the TAH page wearing tanktops and no pads/helmets? Don't they know they could get seriously injured?

When does Football season start? Isn't it kind of late this year? I had a dream that Wake Forest won the ACC Championship, but then that was clouded by a dream that some Catholic School in Yankee country played for it and lost to VT. Doesn't FSU own VT? I'm confused.

Can somebody help me? Isn't FSU playing UF for something nationally meaningful?

I must have been in a coma. Somebody told me it is December 5, 2007, but the last thing I remember is around the beginning of August...where are my Alzheimer pills....

John C. Clark
Former TAH Special Correspondent

Dear John: You don’t have Alzheimers, you have BobbyBowdenheimers (also known in some places at JoePaheimers). Just say “dadgummit” three times really fast, and you’ll be fine.

You already played Florida, they murdered you...sorry.


Paul Lukas of ESPN is the foremost expert in cyberspace when it comes to sports’ uniforms. He recently previewed changes for the new NCAA basketball season, and that prompted TAH to have a look around at the ACC’s threads.

The biggest change is in the new standard Nike jersey. With the rounded collar and simplified design, Lukas refers to the new jersey design as “Frocks for Jocks.” We see no reason not to comply. North Carolina and Maryland among others have gone Frock. You may think they’re ugly, but to that we say, “Frock you.”

Here’s what your favorite hoopsters will be struttin’ down the runway this season:


HEY, IT AIN’T CHRISTMAS…without some wild and crazy Sri Lankan cricketers. Here bowler Muttiah Muralitharan, center, celebrates the dismissal of England batsman Ian Bell, unseen, with team mates on the final day of the first test cricket match between Sri Lanka and England in Kandy, Sri Lanka, Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2007.

In baseball, you're "out," but in cricket, you're "dismissed."

Very civilized.

(AP Photo/Eranga Jayawardena)


SOLIDARITY?…Clemson and Wake Forest have both followed Virginia and N.C. State’s lead, and started Men’s Field Hockey teams. Both schools claimed they did so to support the Wolfpack and Wahoos in this new sporting endeavor, but we know that they really did it to try and win a NCAA Men’s National Championship in a sport not invented by Europeans and/or Native Canadians.

(AP Photo/Lai Seng Sin)


IN THE WORDS OF LYLE LOVETT: THANK YOU, NO…Australian Dayyan Neve ain’t scared. Here he is seen surfing to advance to the semi-finals of the 2007 Oneill World Cup of Surfing 04 December 2007 during the O’Neill World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach, Hawaii.

(Photo Sarah Towner/AFP/Getty Images)


MERRY CHRISTMAS…Washington Wizards forward Antawn Jamison (UNC) sponsored a private advance screening of the film The Perfect Holiday for injured soldiers and their families.

(Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


#1 NORTH CAROLINA 106, Penn (Quakers, 9710 students, Philadelphia, PA) 71

The main question for the Heels entering the 2007-8 season was who would step up and fill first round NBA draft choice Brendan Wright’s shoes. The rebound void has been filled by committee (Thompson and Stepheson), but the missing points have been replaced by Danny Green. Green had 20 against Kentucky, and 19 last night against Penn.

Tar Heels 8-0 for the first time since 98-99.

BOSTON COLLEGE 61, Saint Louis (Billikens, 7,120 students, St. Louis, MO) 39


Duke's Martynas Pocius (5) yells to pumps up his team in the first half of a college basketball game in this Dec. 2, 2006 file photo, in Durham, N.C. Pocius will have season-ending surgery on his left ankle.

The junior reserve averaged four points and 2.5 rebounds in four games this season for the sixth-ranked Blue Devils (8-0).

Pocius originally injured the ankle while playing in Lithuania over the summer and re-injured it in the Blue Devils' win against Eastern Kentucky on Nov. 25, the school said Tuesday.

(AP Photo/Sara D. Davis)


Reeling from another crappy season on the gridiron…OK, ‘reeling’ is a bit strong…Mildly disconsolate over yet another poor football season, Duke Resident Genius and Athletic Director Joe Alleva held a press conference today to announce that the “Blue Devils are putting the ‘full court press’ on Elon’s Southern Conference Freshman of the Year quarterback Scott Riddle.”

According to Alleva, the Ramseur, NC native who put up mad stats in his first year was the logical choice for the Blue Devils. So logical, that Alleva also is hinting that Riddle’s father Jimmy, an All-American at Elon a few years back, is in the mix to replace recently fired head coach Mike Roof.

“He’s incredibly talented, he was a multi-sports star in high school, and he’s from North Carolina. He led the nation in passing, whatever that is, and he’s never even held a lacrosse stick…He’s perfect,” concluded Alleva.

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier, who was seen on Duke's campus earlier this week, is "consulting" with Alleva on the new coach search. "I love that Riddle kid, and his old man was a ball playin' stud," said Spurrier, "This old ball coach could use both of 'em down in Columbia."

Riddle is vehemently denying the rumors. “Even though my family has long supported Duke, all my neighbors at home went to Carolina. For starters, Mary Cole, Cody and John Allen would kick my a%#!" said the talented freshman. “They're good people and I've lived right next door to them all my life, but this Carolina/Duke thing can go all Hatfield/McCoy in a heartbeat. Sorry, but no way.”

When contacted, the senior Riddle said, “Who the f*&# wants to coach Duke’s football team? Really?”


T. Bowden just loves that orange and purple.

C’mon, who doesn’t…?

Clemson coach Tommy Bowden is staying put. Bowden agreed to a four-year extension Tuesday that, if he stays until the end, would keep him with the Tigers longer than any coach but the program's celebrated patriarch, Frank Howard.

"I fully intended when I came here nine years ago to make this my last stop," Bowden said.

(Translation: I'm gonna be here even longer than my old man at FSU. I'll be 7-4 every year until I'm 99. Deal with it.)

Bowden's new contract would take him through 2014 with only Howard's 30-season tenure at Clemson (1940-69) longer.


EX-DOOKIE, Elton Brand of the Los Angeles Clippers helps kids shop during the Clippers Foundation holiday toy drive at Toys "R" Us December 3, 2007 in Culver City, California. The toys purchased will benefit the children of Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times and Centinela Freeman Regional Medical Center.

(Photo by Juan Ocampo/NBAE via Getty Images)


SO WHAT IF YOU’RE GOING 100 MPH, you gotta get close to the gate...In yet another attempt to win a National Championship, an ACC school takes on a new sport. Here Michael Walchhoffer, the newest Maryland Terp scholarship athlete, skiis to a tie for fifth place in the Mens FIS Alpine World Cup Super G on the Birds of Prey at Beaver Creek.

According to Walchhoffer, who's Austrain, "Vee, muss defend dis haus!!"

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)


VERY SOON WE ARE GOING TO START PAYING ATTENTION to this sport (whatever it is).

Made ya look!

All we know is that Boston College is the best team in the ACC.

For all we know, these guys are pros.

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)


AND THE WINNER IS…Theodoros Zagorakis of Greece tries to smile as Didier Deschamps of Germany is announced as the winner of the “World Cup of Spiked Hair. The competition’s finals were held in Lucerne, Switzerland.

This pretty much explains why they don’t have an army or get involved with wars.

Both Zagorakis and Deschamps are soccer guys.

(Photo Fabrice/Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


...went wee, wee, wee all the way to Fayetteville?

Arkansas has focused its coaching search on Clemson's Tommy Bowden and is prepared to offer Bowden a contract in excess of $2 million annually, sources told

Clemson athletic director Terry Don Phillips is meeting with Bowden on Tuesday morning to try and persuade him to remain at Clemson. Earlier, Clemson had offered Bowden a two-year extension and $400,000 raise that would increase his total package to approximately $1.6 million annually.

Bowden and new Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long are longtime friends going back to their days at Duke (poor bastards). Bowden and Long met in South Carolina on Monday.

Bowden, 47, has seemingly been on the hot seat each of the last three seasons at Clemson, as fans have become frustrated with his inability to get the Tigers to the ACC championship game or a BCS bowl. Bowden has a 69-41 record in nine seasons at Clemson and is 87-45 in 11 seasons overall.

Bowden wasn't Arkansas' first choice. The Razorbacks initially made overtures to Auburn's Tommy Tuberville and also inquired about North Carolina's Butch Davis, who last month agreed to a contract extension with the Tar Heels.

(Editor's note: Is anybody shocked that Clemson's A.D.'s first name is Terry Don?)

(AP Photo/Mary Ann Chastain)


Champs Sports Bowl - BOSTON COLLEGE (-2.5) vs. Michigan
Emerald Nuts Bowl - MARYLAND vs. Oregon State (-3.5)
Meineke Car Care Bowl - UConn vs. WAKE FOREST (-2.5)
Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl - GEORGIA TECH (-5) vs. Fresno State
Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl - Kentucky (-1) vs. FLORIDA STATE
Chick-Fil-A Bowl - CLEMSON (-2) vs. Auburn
Frost Diner Gator Bowl - Texas Tech (-5.5) vs. VIRGINA
FedEx Orange Bowl - VIRGINIA TECH vs. Kansas – Pick ‘em.

Betting line for recreational purposes only.


...'bout a sharp dressed man. Well, maybe not everybody.

ESPN's Paul Lukas says some of the recent college football turbulence was caused by bad uniforms. He would know, he's the uni-police.

What is it about year-end rivalry games that lead so many teams to lose their minds when deciding which uniform combo to wear? Depending on which games you watched on Saturday, you had a decent chance of burning out your TV screen, going blind, or both.

Exhibit A: Tennessee wears solid orange against LSU.

The Effect: A cross between a frozen confection and a good source of vitamin C.

The Result: Loss, 21-14.

Exhibit B: West Virginia wears solid yellow against Pitt.

The Effect: Remember when you were a kid and your parents taught you to never look directly into the sun?

The Result: Loss, 13-9.

Exhibit C: Oregon State's sports bras take on Oregon's comic book costumes, resulting in a very un-Civil War.

The Effect: What did the good people of Oregon do to deserve this?

The Result: Like they always say, it was one of those games where it was a shame someone had to lose/win. Sports Bras 38, Comic Book Superheroes 31.

No arguments from TAH...

(Photos by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images, Chris Graythen/Getty Images, AP Photo/Greg Wahl-Stephens, AP Photo/Greg Wahl-Stephens)

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