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What are you doing on the internet? There are only two places you should be today. One is pictured above -- the Gold Cup, and the other is pictured below -- the Kentucky Derby.

You need to get dressed, or you might miss something.

Friday, May 4, 2007


In yet another shocking announcement that is fallout from the investigation of Michael Vick’s drug selling, dog fighting cousin, it has been learned that the youngest Vick – Mar-vicious – is not a middle schooler, but, is, in fact, older than Greg Oden. Turns out Mar-vicious is really forty-two year old rapper, performance artist and jewelry maker Magic Juan pictured here on his way to a NBA All-Star game after-party with 50 Cent and KiLLa.

Mar-vicious Vick became internationally famous after an account was published in TAH of his arrest in Newport News last winter for “smoking pot while having sex with a minor in an airport after being stopped for speeding with a suspended license for transporting contraband in water bottles.” Mar-vicious, whom, up until now, was presumed to be sixth-grader, had spent the earlier part of the evening scoring 107 points in a 107 to 18 Gildersleeve Middle School basketball victory against heated rival Crittenden.

It was also noted that the youngest Vick, known to his friends as "Wrong Answer" after his mentor Allen "The Answer" Iverson, ran for 4,309 yards and passed for 5,987 yards for Gildersleeve’s football team last season in route to an 11-0 season and the Newport News Middle School Championsihp. Vick was also reported to be undefeated as a middle-school wrestler, and to have pitched a perfect game while hitting 9 home runs in the Little League World Series in 2005.

In spite of pending felony charges, and now the age scandal, Boston College, Virginia Tech, Miami and Florida State are still recruiting the Tidewater phenom.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: We don't normally recycle news, but with all the Vicks coming and going, how could we not?)


By Andy Katz

Twenty years ago, the NCAA made one of the most significant rules changes in its history when it instituted the 3-point shot. In the year of the 20-year anniversary, the NCAA men's basketball rules committee decided the line needed a makeover.

So, beginning with the 2008-09 season, assuming the measure is approved May 25 by the Playing Rules Oversight Committee, the line will move back a full foot to 20 feet, 9 inches. The committee chose, however, not to expand the size of the lane.

The change could dramatically affect post play, who takes and makes a 3-point shot and at what percentage, and possibly lead to an increase in mid-range shot attempts.

"I'm not surprised, this is something that has been talked about for quite some time," said coach Billy Donovan of Florida, whose two-time defending national champion Gators were ninth in the country in 3-point field goal percentage at 40.9 percent. "I still feel that teams will continue to utilize the 3-point line as a key component of the college game. That being said, I think the next discussion needs to be about widening the lane in conjunction with moving the 3-point line back."


THE NEXT BARBARO? La Ville Rouge and her foal run in a paddock at Mill Ridge farm near Lexington, Ky., Wednesday, May 2, 2007. The foal is a two-week-old full brother to last year's Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro.

(photo courtesy of


PRE-RACE FAVORITE Curlin runs on the track during the morning training for the 133rd Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)


MAKING HISTORY? Tiago has a chance to do just that. He's a full brother to 2005 Kentucky Derby winner Giacomo.

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)


HEY, WILLARD! No rain...A fan holds an umbrella while standing in the rain to watch morning workouts yesterday for the 133rd Kentucky Derby on May 3, 2007 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Thursday, May 3, 2007


In an off-season move that could only be called "rude," the Miami Dolphins released receiver Marcus Vick.

General Manager Randy Mueller gave no specific reason for the moves, saying "it was just business." But coach Cam Cameron has made it clear that he wants solid citizens on his team. PreviouslyVick had made more news off the field than on it.

Vick was a controversial free-agent signing by former coach Nick Saban after a troubled-filled college career at Virginia Tech, which eventually expelled the younger brother of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. Marcus did not get into any trouble while with the Dolphins, but didn't make much of an impact, either. He made one appearance last season with no catches. He never showed the speed he exhibited as a quarterback for the Hokies or when running from various law enforcement agencies.

Here’s more if you’re interested:


CAREFUL WITH THAT OCEAN, EUGENE! Bruce Irons of Kauai, Hawaii wipes out on a 10ft wave on April 30, 2007 in Teahupoo, Tahiti. Irons is considered one of the world most fearless surfers and is a specialist in barreling reef breaks like Teahupoo. (Translation: Crazy as a s***-house rat!) Irons, brother of three times ASP world champion Andy, threw himself into the biggest waves that thundered across the reef on Sunday afternoon in preparation for the Billabong Pro that runs from the 4-14 May. (Photo by Karen Wilson/Covered Images/ASP via Getty Images)

We've been to Tahiti, and we didn't see any waves taller than a fire hydrant...


DON'T FORGET TO SNOWPLOW! Sanna Tidstrand of Sweden competes on her way to win the gold medal in the womens event at the FIS Speed Skiing World Championships, 19 April 2007 in the Swiss Alps resort of Verbier. (DOMINIC AVRE/AFP/Getty Images)


ACCORDING TO AOL, American Idol isn't as good this year as in years past. Yesterday they did a Top 10 Reasons Why. Number 1? Here it is: "PAULA'S WAY TOO COHERENT -- We like our Paula liquored up with a live mic in hand! It's just the shot in the arm this show needs. Get Paula sippin' on some sizzurp, and she'll be spouting the gibberish we've come to love."

That's not nice. True, but not nice.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Looks like those pesky regulators out in Kansas have been at it again as Clemson revealed seven NCAA secondary violations last week including an instance in which an athlete's brother received free transportation, lodging and meals from an athletic booster while attending one of his sibling's road games. (Oh, the humanity!!!!)

That was among the two most serious, Level I violations the athletic department reported directly to the NCAA between July 1 and Feb. 1. The names of those involved and the teams were not released, as per school policy.

The athlete whose brother received what the NCAA describes as an "extra benefit" was initially declared ineligible until the governing body restored his status. The NCAA did not make the family repay the cost of the trip due to "documented financial hardship." The athlete was also required to attend weekly rules education meetings with compliance services before completing complimentary ticket forms.

The other Level I violation occurred Jan. 16 when Clemson's compliance office found a coach had granted more financial aid than allowed for a midyear enrollee. The school said the coach incorrectly thought that aid going to an athlete graduating in December would not figure into the team's total for the spring semester. In response to the offense the coach said, “I’m a coach, how the hell am I supposed to know about midyear enrollee’s financial aid? What do I look like, an accountant?”

The coach involved received a letter of reprimand along with a review of NCAA guidelines (which, hopefully, he will never have to read.) The school's compliance office said it would hold a rules education session with all sports reviewing squad lists. (That same office promised to serve beer during the “rules education session.”)

The other five violations were classified as Level II, which are reported to the Atlantic Coast Conference and are defined as "inadvertent, isolated of operating bylaws" of the NCAA – in other words, minor f*** ups.


Jeffrey Jordan, the son of Michael Jordan, plans to attend Illinois next year and play basketball as a walk-on. Jordan, a 6-foot-2 guard at Loyola Academy prep school in Wilmette, Ill., said in a news release Friday he chose Illinois over Valparaiso.

"After I worked out at Illinois, [met] with the coaching staff and the players, and toured the campus with my mom, I just felt more comfortable with U of I," he said.

Jordan, 18, was a three-year starter at Loyola Academy and two-year All Catholic League player. He is the 91st ranked point guard in the country according to

After working out at Illinois last week, Jordan told Illinois coach Bruce Weber about his plans Wednesday.

"He's a quality kid who is very competitive and passionate about basketball," Weber said in an e-mailed statement. "He's made great strides over the last year as a player and is an excellent student who should be a great fit here at the University of Illinois."

C'mon, who's gonna dis Michael's kid?


SOME STUFF is just too good to be made up. Enter Nate Mitchell from Clemson who invented the CUPAC - the Clemson University Pneumatic Air Cannon. Here's an actual email from Nate to an engineering consultant. (We repeat, we are not making this up.)

Nate [nmitche@CLEMSON.EDU]
Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 1999 7:43 PM
Subject: CUPAC Maniac

Hey man. I built the PAC 5 and I'm having great results. My intentions for it are to shoot t-shirts at the Clemson football games. If you watch ESPN, you might see me on there sometime. We named it CUPAC. Clemson University Pneumatic Air Cannon. I'm having some leakage problems however around the 2x4" reducer at the front of the gun and from the chamber assy. I used galvanized steel instead of PVC for the air assembly, since the PVC blew at about 55 PSI. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix those leaks? I would appreciate your advice. thanks. also how can I seal the 4" threads on the male/female adapters so I can EASILY remove the chamber assembly?

Thanks for your time. -- Nate

We hope they got that worked out. We especially liked the painted 2x4 display stand. Very rural. Oh, and nice camo as well!


LOOKING FOR A GOLD CUP outfit? Good news, it's Fashion Week down under! Here is an unidentified model wearing Tina Kalivas Spring/Summer collection at the 2007 Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.

Who knew they made black metallic duct tape? Damn, ya’ll!

(photo courtesy of


GOLD CUP is Saturday, so why not a horse photo? Clayton Fredericks of Australia and haling from Little Chevereu, Great Britain atop Ben Along Time competes during the Cross Country Phase of the 2007 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event at the Kentucky Horse Park on April 28, 2007 in Lexington, Kentucky.

A duck, really?

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Expansion of Byrd Stadium (pictured right) is set to begin in December, but athletic department officials at Maryland today revealed a grand plan that would ultimately swell stadium capacity to about 60,000, and include other changes intended to lure the nation's top talent and give the entire program a face lift.

The cost for phase one of the project is $50.8 million, to be paid entirely by the athletic department. Maryland sold the naming rights of the field to Chevy Chase Bank for $20 million last year, and borrowed $35 million from the University System of MarylandThe first phase of expansion – scheduled to be completed by August 2010 – includes 64 swanky suites with flat screen televisions, food services, and indoor and outdoor seating. Maryland can't move forward with its other plans, though, until at least 50 of the e 64 luxury suites have been sold.

With the expected revenue from the suites, Maryland can then implement pragmatic perks, such as new restrooms and concessions, and start bigger projects like lowering the field. That would enable the 3,000 fans in the first 10 rows – which are currently obstructed views - to finally see over the players.

Not to be outdone, Virginia Tech immediately announced plans to expand Lane Stadium (pictured left). The improvements will be unveiled this week along with a new campaign with the slogan “Anything Maryland Can Do, We Can Do Better (Even Basketball).”

A Hokie spokesperson contacted by TAH said any resemblance between the new improvements and the Taj Mahal was “merely a coincidence.”


IS THAT A PAULUS? Yes, not Greg, the Duke point guard. That's Mike (left), an incoming freshmen QB at UNC. That should keep those family get togethers interesting...


D.C. UNITED wore this jersey in a game last weekend. You can purchase them to benefit the Virginia Tech Fund at their web site.

Monday, April 30, 2007


Has anybody seen Julius Peppers? Or better yet, how about the next Julius Peppers? Anybody?

How bad is UNC football? So bad that not a single player was drafted by an NFL team last weekend. The only other ACC school that can make such a prideful boast? Duke, of course. So, the North Carolina student athletes must be concentrating on their school work so they must dominate the list of ACC All-Academic football players? Again, no. One Tar Heel was All-Academic. So, they’re bad and they're not smart.

Here is the breakdown of how many players were drafted from each school. The second number in ( ) is the number of players on the ACC All-Academic team. You’ll never guess who leads the way on the All-Academic list…Miami with 8 followed by Boston College with 6. Kudos to Josh Wilson of Maryland and Greg Olsen of Miami for being on both lists.

Florida State 5 (4), Clemson 5 (2), Miami 4 (8), NC State 3 (1), Virginia Tech 3 (1 – kicker), Virginia 2 (1), Georgia Tech 2 (3), Wake Forest 2 (2), Boston College 2 (6), UNC 0 (1) and Duke 0 (6).

Rd Pk (Ov) Team Player Ht Wt Pos School
1 2 (2) Detroit Calvin Johnson 6-4 235 WR Georgia Tech
1 4 (4) Tampa Bay Gaines Adams 6-4 261 DE Clemson
1 15 (15) Pittsburgh Lawrence Timmons 6-3 230 LB Florida St.
1 24 (24) New England Brandon Meriweather 6-0 195 CB Miami (FL) (from Seattle)
1 25 (25) Carolina Jon Beason 6-0 236 OLB Miami (FL)
2 23 (55) Seattle Josh Wilson 5-9 176 CB Maryland
3 3 (67) Dallas James Marten 6-8 298 OT Boston Coll. (from Cleveland)
3 5 (69) Arizona Buster Davis 5-11 240 LB Florida St.
3 7 (71) Miami Lorenzo Booker 5-11 193 RB Florida St.
3 19 (82) Kansas City Tank Tyler 6-2 305 DT N.C. State (from St. Louis)
3 26 (89) Green Bay Aaron Rouse 6-3 222 LB Virginia Tech (from N.Y. Jets)
3 28 (91) Oakland Mario Henderson 6-7 304 OT Florida St. (from New England)
3 33 (96) San Diego Anthony Waters 6-3 235 LB Clemson
4 6 (105) Detroit A.J. Davis 5-10 191 CB N.C. State (from Arizona through Oakland)
4 16 (115) Tennessee Leroy Harris 6-3 300 C N.C. State
4 21 (120) Seattle Baraka Atkins 6-4 275 DE Miami (FL)
4 25 (124) Seattle Mansfield Wrotto 6-4 310 OG Georgia Tech (from N.Y. Jets through SF)
4 28 (127) New England Kareem Brown 6-4 315 DT Miami (FL)
4 29 (128) Tennessee Chris Davis 6-0 180 WR Florida St. (from Baltimore)
4 31 (130) Chicago Josh Beekman 6-1 318 G Boston Coll.
5 2 (139) St. Louis Dustin Fry 6-2 315 C Clemson (from Detroit)
5 13 (150) Jacksonville Josh Gattis 6-2 195 S Wake Forest
5 20 (157) Green Bay David Clowney 6-1 179 FL Virginia Tech
5 22 (159) Philadelphia C.J. Gaddis 6-0 205 CB Clemson (from Dallas)
5 26 (163) Houston Brandon Frye 6-4 292 OG Virginia Tech (from New Orleans)
7 22 (232) Seattle Steve Vallos 6-3 302 OG Wake Forest
7 25 (235) NY Jets Chansi Stuckey 5-11 185 WR Clemson (from N.Y. Jets through Green Bay)
7 34 (244) Atlanta Jason Snelling 6-1 228 FB Virginia (Compensatory Selection)
7 35 (245) Tampa Bay Marcus Hamilton 6-0 187 CB Virginia

Larry Anam Boston College Sr., Steve Aponavicius Boston College So., Patrick Bailey Duke Jr. , Andrew Bain Miami Jr., Josh Beekman Boston College Sr., Travis Bell Georgia Tech Jr. , Joe Dailey North Carolina Jr., Alex Feinberg Duke Sr., Jason Fox Miami Fr., Louis Frazier Wake Forest Jr., Florida State So., Ty Hall Boston College Jr., Thomas Hunter Clemson Sr., Nick Larkin Boston College Jr., Wlliam Lee NC State Gr., James Marten Boston College Sr., Zach Maurides Duke Sr., Eli Nichols Duke Gr., Greg Olsen Miami Jr.,
Brandon Pace Virginia Tech Sr., Alex Pearson Clemson Jr., Jon Peattie Miami Sr., Kenny Phillips Miami So., Adam Podlesh Maryland Sr., Darryl Richard Georgia Tech So., Myron Rolle Florida State Fr., Matt Rumsey Duke Jr., Tom Santi Virginia Jr., Zac Selmon Wake Forest Jr., Darryl Sharpton Miami So., Sam Shields Miami Fr., Antone Smith Florida State So., Nick Stefanow Duke Jr., Kevin Tuminello Georgia Tech Jr., Drew Weatherford Florida State So., Josh Wilson Maryland Sr., Anthony Wollschlager Miami Sr.


They may not be any good, but their hearts are in the right place. UNC's football players have been active in the community recently, helping build houses for Habitat For Humanity of Orange County and participating in the North Carolina Children's Hospitals "Real Men Rock" campaign.

Kennedy Tinsley (pictured right), Connor Barth, Michael Murphy, Bryon Bishop, Trimane Goddard and E.J. Wilson participated in the campaign to prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome called "Real Men Rock" on Friday, April 20. The campaign, which was organized by local Orange County agencies and UNC Hospitals' Beacon Child and Family program, was designed to teach men how to care for crying babies. According to the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome, "an estimated 1,200 - 1,400 children are shaken for whom treatment is sought."

On Saturday, April 21, several players helped build three houses for Habitat for Humanity in Hillsborough. The team was divided into two groups with the defense working on the construction site from 8:30 a.m. to Noon and the offense finishing up from Noon to 4 p.m. Players helped sheath and shingle the roof, raised trusses and attached siding.
And, do you know what all the other ACC football players from all the other schools were doing? Practicing football, maybe?


After a one-year hiatus as NFL draft kings, the SEC is once again atop that mountain. NFL teams chose 41 SEC players this weekend, besting the next-nearest conference by nine (the Big Ten had 32 players chosen). Last year, the ACC led all conferences with 51 players chosen, followed by the Big Ten at 41 and the SEC third at 37.

Among non-BCS conferences, the WAC surged from five players chosen in 2006 to an impressive 17 this year. That total was enough to even eclipse BCS-member the Big East which had 16 players chosen.

Finally, 26 players were chosen from outside of D-IA football, up five from the previous year.2007

Draft Data by conference: SEC (41), Big Ten (32), ACC (31), Pac-10 (28), Big 12 (28), WAC (17), Big East (16), Mountain West (9), C-USA (8), MAC (8), Independents/Notre Dame (7), Sun Belt (4).


CAROLINA used to be really good in football...and they got really good student athletes...and they won lots of games...and they went to bowl games...

And then they invented the face mask, and it all went in the crapper! Damn face masks.

Those pesky platic helmets were another set back...


CAREER CHANGE? Despondent over being chosen 22nd in the NFL draft after being touted by the experts as a "lock" to be the third pick, Brady Quinn of Notre Dame tries baseball. Subsequently, the Cubs are doomed. Oh, yeah...the Cubs are already doomed.


MICHAEL, MICHAEL, MICHAEL. The boys at Deadspin have been at it again.

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