Thursday, December 6, 2007



Happy Birthday, Commish/Editor.

One question: why are the guys on the TAH page wearing tanktops and no pads/helmets? Don't they know they could get seriously injured?

When does Football season start? Isn't it kind of late this year? I had a dream that Wake Forest won the ACC Championship, but then that was clouded by a dream that some Catholic School in Yankee country played for it and lost to VT. Doesn't FSU own VT? I'm confused.

Can somebody help me? Isn't FSU playing UF for something nationally meaningful?

I must have been in a coma. Somebody told me it is December 5, 2007, but the last thing I remember is around the beginning of August...where are my Alzheimer pills....

John C. Clark
Former TAH Special Correspondent

Dear John: You don’t have Alzheimers, you have BobbyBowdenheimers (also known in some places at JoePaheimers). Just say “dadgummit” three times really fast, and you’ll be fine.

You already played Florida, they murdered you...sorry.

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