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...but, evidently, there is a fair amount of steroids.

Unlike the Vick case where hundreds of thousands of words have been written, steroids in baseball have no doubt ground up millions of words. Here are just a few more.

Way back in the 1990’s baseball insiders were telling TAH that somethin’ was up in the wide wide world of sports (Blazing Saddles?)– mainly performance enhancing drugs.

Now baseball has a wonderful tradition of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) just like it does with the bean ball, the spit ball, the phantom double play, etc. Seriously, where would major leaguers have done in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s without their “greenies.”

Mike Wallace, a lefty reliever with the Phillies and Yankees (1974, 6-0, 2.41 era, etc), knows a thing or two about chemistry (and not the bunson burner kind of chemistry). Wally would never put anything in his body if he knew it might be HELPFUL, so he’s a man we trust on this issue.

When queried on the subject of steroids or any PEDs, in his classic clipped delivery, Wally would say “Two words: Brady Anderson.”

We think he was on to something. Check out these numbers: 4,3,2,21,13,12,16,50,18,18,24,19 and 8. Anything jump out at you? Those digits are Brady’s yearly home run output with the Baltimore Orioles. How about right there in the middle? The 12, 16, 50, 18 and 18 section…yeah, right there -- 50!

Now Brady always claimed to be on the leading edge of nutrition and strength training…He even brought his own blender to the clubhouse. He was the poster boy for “Body For Life” training along with NFL star Shannon Sharpe.

"Because I only hit 50 home runs once, it was, in fact, an aberration. However, it was not a fluke," he told the Baltimore Sun (March 20, 2004). "Nothing can be considered a fluke that takes six months to accomplish. Rather it was a culmination of all my athleticism and baseball skills and years of training peaking simultaneously... Hitting in front of [Roberto] Alomar, [Rafael] Palmeiro, [Bobby] Bonilla and [Cal] Ripken didn't hurt, either." (Good point!)

Anderson added that while the 50 homers may have been 26 more home runs than he hit in any other season, "that's just one more home run per week, just one more good swing. That is the data that simultaneously comforted me and haunted me, the small difference between greatness and mediocrity."

Anderson admitted to using creatine, a legal dietary supplement, and the article described how "players used to tease Anderson for bringing his own blender into the clubhouse, unfamiliar with the concoctions he chugged before or after games."

As of 2006, Anderson is one of only two players (the other being Barry Bonds) to have stolen 50 or more bases in a season (53 in 1992) and hit 50 or more home runs in a season (50 in 1996).

Anderson was not on Mitchell's list as the alleged $40 million investigation didn't go back that far...

Here is a gallery of before/after photos like the two shown here…

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