Sunday, December 23, 2007


Florida State's president attributed an academic cheating scandal to a lack of oversight by athletic department officials (John Clark’s friends), an inattentive faculty member (John Clark’s cousin) and a rogue tutor (John Clark’s fourth grade teacher).

T.K. Wetherell on Friday described the course in question, a three-hour music history class, as "contaminated" and said changes have been made. (Woo Hoo!)

Although Wetherell has said in the past that the recent resignation of athletic director David Hart Jr. was not related to the incident, his statement suggested otherwise.

"The violations focused on a poorly structured online course, lack of attention to detail by a faculty member, and insufficient oversight by the athletic department of one rogue tutor -- all coming together to result in a 'contaminated' class," Wetherell said in the statement.
Wetherell, who has been vacationing in Montana since the suspensions were announced Tuesday, said no coaches were involved and that many of the athletes simply used poor judgment.

“We don’t fire coaches for such minor digretions, we buy them out with huge coin,” said Wetherell. “And our standards are so low it’s practically impossible for a student athlete…AH! HAHAHAHAHA!…that term always cracks me up…to get in trouble.”

All ahead full, Seminole Contaminated Nation.

(AP Photo/Phil Coale)

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