Sunday, December 2, 2007


According to today's Washington Post, Sean Taylor and his half-sister Sasha Johnson grew up on different coasts of Florida, but Taylor wanted to be closer to her and bring a broken family together, according to friends and family members.

Taylor bought a $900,000 house in his home town of Miami for his mother, Donna Junor. He invited Sasha Johnson, who grew up in Fort Myers, and her brother to live in it, the friends and family members said. And they said Taylor also bought Johnson a new Toyota Camry to drive to classes at Miami-Dade College.

"He wanted them all to be together and never want for anything again," said Dwayne Johnson, 44, Sasha's father. "Sean was her everything."

But over the past few days it has become increasingly clear that investigators working on Taylor's killing believe Sasha Johnson, apparently unwittingly, provided a direct link between Taylor and the four Fort Myers men charged with killing him in a bungled burglary attempt of that same home.

Johnson, 21, has been dating a relative of one of the accused men since her senior year at Dunbar High in Fort Myers. Evidently, Johnson's boyfriend, Christopher Devon Wardlow, brought another Fort Myers man to Johnson's birthday party at the Miami home.

Police said Friday they believed one or more of the suspects had visited Taylor's home.

Previously, it was reported the house belonged exclusively to Taylor, but in interviews Saturday, friends and family members said Taylor bought the house with the intent of his mother living there.

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