Friday, December 14, 2007


It’s Christmas, so TAH is gonna start handing out some Xmas cheer. Today, we say to our main man Gigs, come down out of that damn tree (forget your nine iron, you’re just gonna shank it), and enjoy this great piece on hockey (whatever that is) from Deadspin.

…at least we think it’s about hockey, and we know you love hockey (whatever it is).

It starts out like this: Bonjourrr! Aye, it be me, Willie, bringing ye the recap of hockey action. It's not as manly a sport as caber tossing, or as elegant as a nice round of golf, but it'll do. Plenty of bonny Scotsmen have played hockey. Lanny MacDonald. Al MacInnis. Even Wayne Gretzky. Aye, 'tis true. The Gretzkys be an old Scottish clan. From up near Loch Lomond. Then he had to go and marry that Welsh trollop. Better than an English girl, I suppose, although she is going to lose all his millions at the track…

(God bless her!)

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  1. That can't be me in that tree. That guy is too skinny.


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