Sunday, December 2, 2007


The other night the Knicks managed a meager 59 points against the Celtics, while Drexel could muster but 38 against George Mason…but, the girls from Fredericksburg Academy…well, let’s just say they were a bit “cold” scoring all of 2 points against Warrenton, VA’s Highland Hawks.

The final score was Highland 89, Fredericksburg Academy 2. That’s not a misprint, that’s 89-2. The host Hawks led 67-0 at the half.

Needless to say, the score raised some eyebrows in our politically correct world. How do you tell a kid that just got wholloped 89-2 that they’re “a winner.” Guess it takes a village, and maybe one of the damn villagers can shoot the rock?

Did they run up the score a la the ’07 New England Patriots?

Not according to coach Donald O’Meara who said, "We called off the full court press after four minutes in the first quarter.”

Highland also substituted freely, and limited its starters’ ability to score.

Hey, maybe Fredericksburg Academy (Falcons, 550 students, Fredericksburg, VA) is just really bad? How about this -- they turned the ball over a mind-boggling 48 times.

It’s not just the girls, the FA boys recently lost to Wakefield 33 to 7.

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