Monday, December 31, 2007


According to the Washington Redskins, the magic number is 21.

The Redskins and head coach Joe Gibbs (who wore a #21 baseball cap in yesterday's post game press conference) don't think the teams late run of success is a coincidence. The Skins started off 5-3, and then lost four straight games and Pro-Bowl safety Sean Taylor who was shot and killed in his Miami home.

Since then, the Skins have won four straight, and yesterday they knocked off their hated rival, the Cowboys, to make an improbable appearance in the playoffs. At least, it seemed improbable when they were 5-7 and mourning the death of a friend and teammate.

Many were quick to point out that they believe this is a team of destiny and that Taylor's presence remains with them in some way. Among other things, they point to yesterday's margin of victory -- 21 points.

It doesn't matter if you believe or if we believe. What is clearly important is that THEY believe. That belief is helping heal some wounded souls, and creating a spectacular late season run for all Redskins fans to enjoy.

Of course, the folks at FedEX were willing to pull out all the stops to try and derail the Boys...

Clinton Portis and Santana Moss, Taylor's two best friends on the team, have been especially productive.

Next up: Seattle - Saturday, 4:30pm, NBC.

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