Saturday, December 1, 2007


As Jimmy V week ends today, it’s worthwhile noting that ESPN has made a bunch of hoopla out of it, and Coach K and Dickie V have garnered many heartstrung headlines about raising money for his foundation. All well and good.

However, like Christmas (which we seemingly now celebrate in November) there is more to Jimmy V week than Vitale’s shouting.

His famous “Don’t Ever Give Up” speech is still worth watching now and again, and it’s still worth a goose bump or two. Yes, it’s almost ten minutes long, but it’s worth it. You’re not that busy.

Yesterday, TAH made a donation in honor of our 8,000 hits since we opened shop to report the news from and poke fun at our favorite college sports conference. We only wish Valvano was still around as he would have been a great source of material!

To make a donation go to:

(Photo Jimmy V Foundation)

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