Thursday, December 6, 2007


In a desperate attempt to land 2011 NFL first round draft pick, All-SoCon Everything freshman quarterback Scott Riddle, Duke Athletic Missdirector Joe Alleva has promised to change the name of the Duke football team from Blue Devils to Riddles. "It's the least we can do," said Alleva.

Dressed in a Bat Man costume Maryland's Ralph Friedgen, who hasn't exactly suffered from an over abundance of talent at the quarterback position was quick to jump on the band wagon. "Hey, we're named after a turtle, I'm flexible," said Friedgen. (Unfortunatley, TAH was unable to obtain a photo.)

Duke basketball icon, head coach Mike Krzydhfbvxm8ski was quick to express his displeasure with the concept. "Alleva is a (bleep)ing knucklehead," Krxhadhv43ski said, "(Bleep) no, there is no (bleep)ing way I'm gonna change our (bleeping) name. What next? We recruit som kid from Lithuania, and then we(bleeping) change my (bleep)ing house to Coach L (bleep)ing Court...No way."

The Riddle camp could not be reached for comment.

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