Friday, December 7, 2007


Dear Mr. Snyder:

Heartfelt congratulations on a tough win last night. Playing for the second time in five days while still grieving for a teammate and friend was surely difficult. Well done, burgundy and gold.

I’m writing today to talk a little football…a return to NORMALCY so to speak for a few minutes.

How about those late round quarterbacks from Michigan? Who KNEW Tom Brady and Todd Collins were bookends?

Last night, Collins, 36, in his thirteenth year of clip board containment was simply AMAZING. Replacing injured Jason Campbell, he was 15 of 20 for 224 yards and two touchdowns. His quarterback rating was 144.6 which is damn near perfect. Move over Peyton.

That performance makes him an instant nominee for the Journeyman Quarterback Hall of Fame. Make room Elvis Grbac, Chris Chandler, Jeff Garcia, Kordell Stewart, Brian Greese and Rex Grossman (to name just a VERY few), our main man Todd Collins is in the HOUSE!

Now some news wags are gonna call our new MAIN MAN a journeyman. As defined by Wikipedia (who, if you didn’t know, is the smartest guy in the whole world other than Al Gore), “a journeyman is a players who is skilled enough to remain in pro sports but not skilled enough to earn a permanent position on one team. Players given this moniker tend to be adept at a particular aspect of their sport, but do not possess well-rounded talent comparable to their more-successful peers. They are traded between or signed by several different teams over their career, sometimes even over the course of a single season, based on the teams' need for a player with a specific talent.”

You want journeyman QBs, the Skins can give you JOURNEYMAN QBs. Take a look at the Redskins list from recent history (in alphabetical order)…brace yourself, reading this is unpleasant, it could induce some NAUSEA

Gus Ferrotte, Jeff George, Gibran Jamdan, Tim Hasselback, Jeff Hostetler, Todd Husak, Brad Johnson, Mike Kruczek, Jamie Martin, Shane Mathews, Kim McQuilken, Rodney Peete, Partick Ramsey, Sage Rosenfels, Jeff Rutledge, and…drum roll, please…Heath Shuler and Danny Wuerffel. Some had longer and/or better journeys than others, but Journeymen one and ALL.

And people actually wonder why the Redskins HAVEN’T won a Super Bowl since 1992. You know, it’s not a coincidence that Wuerffel rhymes with AWFUL.

So what’s different about Collins? Simple, he’s been hanging around with Offensive GENIUS Al Saunders for seven years now…He KNOWS the system inside and out, and last night you could tell that by watching Collins’ toss it around to anybody, and everybody, in maroon and white.

His game icing third down touchdown pass to Ladel Betts was the SHARPEST touchdown thrown by a Redskin in a long time. Only Collins, who knows the system so well, could have thrown it. It was spectacular. Great read. GREAT pass. Touchdown, game OVER.

(Oh by the way, it was noted that Skins were PASSING last night instead of RUNNING late in the game as they looked to successfully protect a lead. After the game, Chris Cooley said, "It was not the typical Redskins drive at the end of the game. Maybe we're learning from our past mistakes." Bet Coach Joe loved that. Does the Coolster still have a JOB this morning?)

So, it looks like we’ve got Todd for the next three games. Obviously, teams will figure some stuff out, but if the Redskins tattered O-line can give Collins TIME, he can execute all 700 pages of my favorite book “War and Saunders.” He’s done it before against fourth-teamers in JULY, so why not do it now against cold, exhausted, beat-up first team defenders in DECEMBER?

ENJOY the week off, and please THROTTLE the Giants.

Happy Holidays (for now)
Your Loyal Fan

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