Monday, December 3, 2007


You could blame it all on Appalachian State. They started the craziest season ever of college football when they upset then ranked Michigan in the Big House. It started crazy and it stayed crazy. But, after week one if someone had said Ohio State would be playing LSU in the BCS Championship game, that wouldn’t have seemed crazy at all.

Until you connected all the dots, then it seems crazy again. Three times the #1 team in the land lost. Two of those losses were by LSU and Ohio State. The other #1 loss was by Missouri, and they were bounced all the way out of the BCS as a result.

The #2 ranked team lost every week…or so it seemed. USC, Boston College, Cal, Kansas, South Florida, Oregon and West Virginia all lost while in the bridesmaid’s spot. None worse than WVU who lost a spot in the BCS Championship game when they couldn’t beat a 4-7 Pitt at home. (The disappointment didn't phase 8-year-old WVU stalwart Dustin Donner of Warrenton who said, "Who cares? We're going to the Fiesta Bowl!!")

According to ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowski:

“Think about what just happened this past weekend. The short list:
One-loss Ohio State reached a national championship game by doing nothing more strenuous than clicking the TV remote. Congrats. The Buckeyes will go 50 days between their last game and their next.

The 10-2 Mountaineers were eliminated partly because of an injured thumb.

An 11-2 OU team beat Missouri for a second time this season -- including Saturday's 21-point win against the No. 1 Tigers on a neutral field -- and got aced out.

LSU, also 11-2, squeezed in.

Poor Mizzou went from No. 1 to a non-BCS bowl (the Cotton) in less than 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Kansas, which lost to Missouri late in the season and failed to reach the Big 12 title game, was invited to a BCS bowl, the Orange.

Georgia, which is 10-2, was in the BCS title game discussion despite not winning its division or conference championship.

USC, playing as well as anyone these days, finished 10-2, but still gets no soup.

And don't even get me started on why the only undefeated team in the country, 12-0 Hawaii, is completely ignored in the Jan. 7 equation.”

Yep, that pretty much covers it.

Nice mess, and still the powers that be say a playoff is out of the question. Too bad, it seems to work for Division 3, Division 2 and Football Subdivision football divisions of the NCAA.

Not to mention, basketball where the big dance seems to be working out OK…
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