Monday, November 19, 2007


We thought our core constituency of serious sports fans would pick this up…especially the SEC-focused members of the group. On Sunday, we said “Nobody outside of Alabama expected Lou Saban to take the Crimson Tide back to the top echelon in year one…”

Lou Saban doesn’t coach Alabama. That’s his cousin, Nick. Lou has been dead for 237 years…not really, he’s still alive and well at 86. He was a star guard at Indiana, and enjoyed a 16 year AFL/NFL coaching career with the Bills, the Patriots, the Broncos and the Bills again.

He retired in 1976, so it’s pretty clear that after a 31 year hiatus, he didn’t take the reins at Bama.

We apologize for the error. As unnoticed as it might have been...

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