Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Loyal and complimentary readers!

Dear Mr. Editor:

Thanks for the early Xmas suggestion for Young T. We haven’t had a meaningful conversation since he got his I-pod last Christmas, and I think Fear The Blazer will look great under the tree.

Also regarding the whole Saban family matter, I believe you overlooked the fact that “Sweet Lou”
coached the Terps ever so briefly back in the 60’s.

Lastly you are to be congratulated on your clever use of the Greek alphabet.

TAH should be required reading at all ACC institutions. Re-up my subscription!

A Loyal Reader
Editor’s Note: Thanks. Our Loyal Reader is correct, as he almost always in about all things Terp. Hopefully, his Thanksgiving Day bungee jump from the Nokesville water tower won’t cause any permanent damage.

Saban quit his gig with the Bills after winning consecutive championships in 1964 and 1965 to coach the Terps for one year before returning to the pro ranks. (Even Sweet Lou didn’t like College Park?)

Saban also served as head coach at Miami from 1977 to 1978, and is credited with helping lay the foundation for the Hurricanes' future success, in particular recruiting quarterback Jim Kelly. He also coached at Army.

Saban had a very short stint coaching an expansion Arena Football franchise known as the Milwaukee Mustangs in 1994. He then served as the first Head Coach at SUNY Canton from 1995 until retiring in 2000 and moving to coastal South Carolina. He didn’t sit still long returning to coaching in 2001 (at age 80) as head coach at Chowan College (Hawks, 1,000 students, Murfreesboro, NC). He won two games there and retired for good in December, 2002.

(T.Blaser, Sr. or Older T - center, with TAH Editor/Publisher - left, and Taylor Hicks, the funky dude that won American Idol a couple years ago – right.
None of the drinks contained alcoholic beverages. All three are younger than they appear in this photo. Hicks is publicity shy.)

(Photo by A.Petty/TarDogPhotos)

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