Monday, November 19, 2007


After last year’s UNC v. NC State regular season tilt in Chapel Hill, Roy Williams paid a visit to Wolfpack coach Sindey Lowe in the hospital. Lowe had collapsed at half-time, and Williams soon delivered a "lose weight, get healthy and take better care of yourself or this job will send you to an early grave" speech.

Looks like coach Sid took him up on it as he showed up for this season quite a bit slimmer. Unfortunately, Coach Sid's new look didn’t help the highly touted NC State squad from losing a close one to New Orleans (Privateers, 9,156 students, duh?) 65-63.

N.O. junior T.J. Worley banked in a three-pointer with 1.7 seconds to play to beat the No. 21 ranked Wolfpack at home at the RBC Center.

Perhaps, its just deserts for trying to hijack Maryland’s Fear the Turtle slogan. Check out the latest in fan wear in Raleigh…

Obviously, Brentsville High's guard T. Blaser needs one of these babies, stat!

(AP Photo/Karl DeBlaker)

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  1. The Bard Of Wheaton/Jokesville is at it again. Do you know he writes with his left, and golfs with his right? How he does all this bloggin' without spilling his Bushmill's is truly inspiring..!!


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