Tuesday, November 27, 2007


From the file labeled: "It Happens All The Time, It Just Goes Unreported:"

The record is intact. Yesterday embattled Arkansas coach Houston Nutt said he had the support of Chancellor John A. White and many others at the Little Rock university. Not too many hours later (and well within the standard 72 hour time period between endorsement and firing), Nutt resigned, giving up his job three days after directing the Razorbacks to a victory over top-ranked LSU.
Nutt told Chancellor John A. White that he wanted to close a chapter in his life.

"Houston's decision to resign was neither forced, or encouraged, or requested," White said.

Several moments later, White’s pants burst into flame.

This is unsettling to UNC fans as for the past few months UNC head coach Butch Davis, an Arkansas native, had been rumored as a likely successor. Davis, who makes approximately $2.1 million per year, just signed a one year extention which signs him up through 2014.

Like that matters...

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