Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Chan Gailey never had a losing season in six years at Georgia Tech.

Then again, he never produced the sort of team that really got the fans excited.

Citing business considerations as much as wins and losses, athletic director Dan Radakovich fired Gailey on Monday, two days after his sixth straight loss to rival Georgia ended a season that failed to meet expectations. Not to mention losing to Wake Forest in last year's ACC Championship...but, we aren't gonna mention that.

The 55-year-old Gailey had lost support among the fan base, which made fundraising more difficult, and he wasn't the sort of dynamic personality who could help the Yellow Jackets make a name in the crowded Atlanta sports scene.

Meanwhile, down in Durham…Each week as a game approached, Ted Roof kept insisting Duke was making strides. It was the same old struggles on Saturdays that wound up costing the coach his job.

Duke fired Roof on Monday, two days after its season concluded with a 1-11 record and a ninth straight loss. The Blue Devils won four games in four years.

"It boiled down to the fact that we just didn't see enough improvement on the field this year to warrant having Ted come back for next year," athletic director Joe Alleva said. Amazingly, amongst such futility, Alleva still has a job. Not to mention how brilliantly he handled the LAX situation…

Roof was optimistic about the future of the downtrodden team, telling those close to the program that Duke could be bowl eligible as soon as 2008. But as the losses mounted, it became clear to Alleva that Roof wouldn't be the coach to lead that turnaround.

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