Thursday, October 25, 2007


The talk around Hokie Nation leading up to tonight’s game has centered around who undefeated and ranked #2 Boston College has played so far this season? Fact is, sans LSU or any other major power, their schedules have been similar. While Tech got chewed up and spit out down in Baton Rouge, the Eagles have already defeated Wake Forest, NCSU and Georgia Tech.

In terms of cupcakes, BC has trampled UMass, Bowling Green and Army, while the Hokies have picked on Ohio, William and Mary and Duke. Duke may be a conference win, but they are still un cup de cake. BC knocked off Notre Dame in South Bend which in any other year would be news worthy. Balancing that off, the Hokies survived ECU, but the Pirates have since lost home games to Southern Mississippi and NC State.

So all and all, we rank their schedule strength dead even save for VTech vs. LSU…However, the NCAA disagrees – ranking the Hokies 15th and the Eagles 25th. That must be the LSU factor. We don’t give the Hokies any Brownie points for the Tiger loss since it was so lopsided. The Hokies win over Clemson at Death Valley is as good as BC’s wins over Wake and Georgia Tech…now we’re splitting hairs.

Looks like these two teams are very evenly matched and it will come down to two things for the Hokies: 1) can the Virginia Tech offensive line get a ground game going against the #1 ranked rushing defense in the country and give either Taylor or Glennon time to throw? BC gives up 46.4 yards rushing PER GAME, and 1.82 yards per carry. The Eagles have given up a scant 4 rushing touchdowns in 7 games. Throw in 18 interceptions so far this year, and their D is quite formidable; and 2) can the Beamer Ball Machine that wiped out Clemson get going early and often.

Should be a great game. Lord knows, the Hokies love Thursday nights!

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