Thursday, October 25, 2007


Evidently a passel of legal woes hasn’t stopped former Hokie Michael Vick from shopping for new digs in South Beach. It seems as the disgraced, dog-fighting, former NFL icon has i-conned himself right into Philippe Starck’s famous high rise -- the Icon South Beach. A Miami neighbor says: "[Vick] has bought [an] apartment. Since his indictment he hasn't visited, but his brother Marcus, who was released by the Miami Dolphins and has charges of statutory rape pending, has no problem partying it up with the ladies in his brother's pad."

The Vick siblings have plenty of other sports stars with which to PAR-TAY. Evidently, Miami Heat star Duane Wade lives at the Icon, and Shaquille O'Neal, recently separated from his wife, visits a friend there frequently. In addition, Tara Reid's ex, Wayne Boiche (huh? WTF is he?), just bought a penthouse for $7.5 million.

“Hey, dudes, I bought the crib in South Beach for a reason,” said Vick the Elder. “It’s South Florida, the place is full of f*#% heads, so who’s gonna notice me?”

He might be right…

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