Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Boston College vs. Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. BC is currently #2 in the BCS poll, while the Hokies are #8. Beamer’s boys are currently a 3.5 point favorite. Those Hokies, they're gamblers...

BCS Standings:
1. Ohio State, 2. BOSTON COLLEGE, 3. LSU, 4. Arizona State, 5. Oregon, 6. Oklahoma, 7. West Virginia, 8. VIRGINIA TECH, 9. Kansas, 1. South Florida, 11. Florida, 12. USC, 13. Missouri, 14. Kentucky, 15. VIRGINIA, 16. South Carolina,
17. Hawaii, 18. Georgia, 19. Texas and 20. Michigan

So the ACC was supposed to be weak this year? Here’s where we stand midway thorough one of the wackiest college pigskin seasons we can remember.

The SEC has 5 teams in the BCS top 20. No surprises there. The PAC 10 has 3, The Big East has 2, Big 12 has 4 (Missouri? Kansas?) and the Big 10 has 2 – one of which is Michigan which lost its first two games.

The ACC has 3…nothing to be embarrassed about…

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