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October 27, 2007
College Park Md.
Clemson Tigers v. Maryland Terrapins

Well the storm clouds broke and we had perfect fall weather for a college football tilt
. The tailgating experience is a little different in Prince Georges County. You may recall recent complaints about the coeds with cowboy boots down south. Well that look is highly preferable to the Jersey Girl/Goth look that seems to be popular around the Maryland campus. What’s up with these young chicks?

Consumption rates seemed
about the same. Our crowd was a mix of Terp/Tiger fans and went through the usual assortment of wings, chili, brats, and finger foods. Several cases of Bud Light and Rolling Rock were the featured libations although some of the younger kids contributed some Milwaukee’s Best Lite (which was the only beer left during clean-up). I also had to take a corrective action when I spied some of the under graduates going through the Makers Mark like it was water. The sweet scent of giggle weed was also much more pervasive in CP. No Zima was seen anywhere. Lastly, the Terp fans lived up to their reputation by stealing our table and tent during the game. Nice Terps….real nice!

Oh the Game…..Most fans in our crowd gave the Terps a puncher's chance if they could control the ball on offense and win the turn over battle. Neither happened. The teams traded field goals in the first quarter. After the Clemson score, the Terps were driving at about mid-field when
Coach Fridge decided to go for it on fourth and one. It was a highly questionable decision with the Terps injury depleted O-line, that backfired as the Tigers stuffed the run, and marched right down the field for the go-ahead touchdown. Clemson added another TD right before half to make it 20-3 to end the competitive portion of the game.

The second half featured a Maryland offense ill-prepared to play catch-up and the Tiger tandem running back combination of “Lightning and Thunder” utilizing their superior speed to turn it into a 30-3 rout that could have been much worse. (The Terps added 2 late and meaningless TDs.) The win keeps Clemson’s faint Championship hopes alive, and the loss leaves the Terps pondering a bowl-less post season.


  1. You call Bud Light a featured libation? That odorless, colorless, tasteless swill couldn't be considered a feature in the Sahara Desert. And go easy on Milwaukee's Beast will you.

  2. Investigative in-depth reporting from the bard of Wheaton - Bravo Blaze!!!


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