Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Oh, the humanity!! What will Coach Krzxnvklskfjv5ski do now!!

Cursing or venturing onto the court could draw college basketball coaches a quick technical foul this season as the the NCAA is making bench decorum a point of emphasis for 2007-08. They have warned coaches to expect a whistle without warning for a variety of unsportsmanlike actions.

Just to make sure it sticks, officials who consistently enforce the rules will be given preferential consideration for conference and NCAA tournament assignments.

The actions that can draw a technical include disrespectfully addressing an official or attempting to influence an official's decision, using abusive or profane language, taunting an opponent, inciting undesirable crowd reactions and coming onto the court without permission of an official to attend to an injured player.

Other actions include Mike Krzxcnfsldks8ski opening his mouth, Mike Krzxchvnxcs3ski thinking about opening his mouth and Mike Krzcjvhbs2ski looking like he might open his mouth.

However, since the rules address how coaches speak to the officials Krzcmvngs7ski, Gary Williams, Dave Leitao and Seth Greenberg - to cite four ACC potty mouths - are still free to rip their players a new one and to vent on the sideline with the profanity of their choice...just not at the refs.

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