Tuesday, October 30, 2007


! Hey, they didn't always suck! They had Sonny Jurgensen. For his career at Duke, Jurgensen was 77 of 156 for 1,119 yards and six touchdowns. He also managed to rush for 243 yards on 99 carries and intercept 10 passes as a defensive back. He also helped lead the Blue Devils to a 34-7 victory over Nebraska in the 1955 Orange Bowl.

In 1957, he was drafted in the fourth round by the Philadelphia Eagles. He was eventually traded to Washington and ended up in the Pro-Football Hall of
Fame with over 32,000 passing yards.

The coach back then -- Bill Murray -- enjoyed a 15-year tenure in Durham producing one Southern Conference and seven ACC championships, three major bowl bids and a record of 93-51-9.

Like the Tar Heels, we believe the face masks screwed them up...

When the coeds could no longer see the players' faces becuase of the facemasks recruiting tailed off -- evidenced by these two Duke commitments from the early 1960's...

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