Wednesday, October 3, 2007


According to those wild and crazy guys at DEADSPIN:

Relax. This isn't exactly "cameragate, part 2." Actually, Rutgers didn't actually do anything wrong. Another coach at another school did it for them. A Duke coach broke ACC rules to repay a favor to a Rutgers coach, by supplying Rutgers the coaches film of the Wake Forest-Maryland game from the previous week.

The ACC confirmed that, in doing so, the staff member violated the league's video-exchange policy, which requires conference schools to notify other ACC schools when a nonconference program asks for game film.

The ACC has no actual punishment established for this sort of thing. Usually, it's just an accidental screw-up, that gets a letter sent around reminding schools of the policies. Add in the fact that Maryland won, and a sanction against the coach or Duke is unlikely. The biggest punishment for the coach is likely just being a coach for Duke Football.

Really, just added embarrassment for Rutgers. On top of everything else, they got just a little bit extra edge with the coaches film from a Maryland loss. Yet they still lost at home to the Terps.

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