Monday, October 8, 2007


UNC basketball All-American Tyler Hansbrough’s long lost cousin, Toly, has hit UNC football coach Butch Davis’ radar screen after the Mini-Bronco made his halfback debut at Fauquier High School on Friday night. Young Toly’s first, and only, carry netted a modest gain and a close-line tackle by one of the constantly cheating Panthers. The hit was titanic, prompting the crowd of some 5,000 to collectively let out a wincing OoooHHHHHH!!!.

“I got creamed,” said Toly.

Evidently, Davis contacted the Bronco assistant coaches who said “He popped right up,” after the bone-jarring hit. The action took place during halftime of the Fauquier vs. Loudoun Valley high school game last Friday night. The Falcons defeated the Vikings, but the Broncos fell to the Panthers yet again 7-0.

The following day, the Broncos tied the Rams to complete their seasons with a 2-3-1 mark which makes them ½ game better than the NFL Denver Broncos who are 2-3. The Bronco coaches are looking forward to Toly, and his alter ego Jack P., returning to next year’s squad.

“That Toly,” said Bronco head coach C. Pearson, “He’s flat out mastered the three point stance. It doesn’t matter what is happening, you can count on the T-Man to be in that stance, not paying attention, and not ready to go!”

“That’s what I love about the kid,” said Davis, “He’s tough, and he’s a great dancer.”

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