Monday, October 1, 2007


The Broncos didn’t win, but they did get their house in order utilizing a swarming defense in a narrow loss to the obviously older, larger and cheating first place Panthers. As if it weren’t enough that the Panthers entered the game with an impressive 5-1 mark, they were also a head taller at every position. In addition, the little Bill Belichick’s in training constantly flaunted the rules by having three – yes, count ‘em, THREE – coaches on the field at a time. That is strictly verboten, and everyone knows that the difference between two on-field coaches and three on-field coaches at this level is simply impossible to overcome. (Cheaters.)

In addition, the Panthers utilized a mad, screaming, apparently ‘roid ranging assistant, who spent the first quarter screaming WAKE UP, WAKE UP at his players. The Broncos may have been slightly intimidated by seeing veins pop from a grown man heads the likes of which they have only seen when just after taking the hack saw to Dad’s golf clubs…It’s bad when a six-year-old says, “Dude, I’m awake…chill.”

J. Pieja and T. Petty got the start for the Broncos on defense. The Panthers scored on their first two plays. It’s possible the two are related, but we doubt it. The Broncos defense stiffened and included two impressive goal line stands. Final score: Panthers 28, Broncos 21.

Next action: Under the lights on Friday night during halftime of the Fauquier High School football game. Word on the street is that both Petty and Pieja will be carrying the ball for the Broncos…

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