Monday, October 1, 2007



In ACC Matchups, the Game of the Week had to be Clumpson v. GT. Clumpson, then ranked 13th in the country, was looking to keep its momentum going. Missing FOUR--that's not a typo-- field goals doesn't keep it going. Clumpson's kicker, Mark Buchholz, missed two FG's wide left and two wide right. (It still is difficult writing "wide right.") I couldn't make this up if I tried: Coach Tommy Bowden thinks his kicker may have been tired due to soccer. Apparently, Buchholz plays soccer for Clumpson, and he had a game on Friday night. Then he drove from Dook to Atlanta . Uh, Tommy, here's a little friendly advice: find a kicker that doesn't play soccer the night before a game. Jeez.

I have received special dispensation from the Editor to mention two other games. The ACC finally had a good football weekend. First, Maryland upset 34-24 then ranked #10 Rutgers at Rutgers. The win ended a 10 game home winning streak for Rutgers, and it was the first victory for Maryland against a top 10 team since it upset--who else--FSU in 2004 (when one of the Rix's was playing, no doubt).

Speaking of FSU, the other game to mention is FSU's win over then ranked 22nd Alabama, 21-14. Why did FSU win? Because Rix II was benched in the second quarter in favor of Xavier Lee. Interesting side note: the 85,412 fans at Saturday's game was the most to see a game in Jacksonville, exceeding attendance at the 2004 Super Bowl game or any of the annual Georgia-Florida rivalry games.

Saint Bobby grew up in Birmingham and coached under Bear Bryant, so the victory was especially sweet for him. For all you golfers out there, you'll understand this quote from Bobby: "When it will be emotional is when I go home this summer up to Birmingham and we go out to Roebuck [golf course] and we tee that thing up on the first tee box and I say 'We whipped y'all'."

Next week: GT @ MD. Both teams coming off upsets, who is going to have a let down?

(Editor's Note: Can you believe he didn't mention that UNC was one turnover away from a tie or maybe a victory over football juggernaut Virginia Tech...? Jeez, you upset one #22 team and you completely lose all perspective.)

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