Monday, October 8, 2007



Holy Moly!!!!

I know I said GT v. MD was the game of the week, but I just can't resist talking about UNC. UNC 33, UM 27.

That is not a misprint.

Butch Davis, former Cane coach, exacted vengeance on Miami. UNC had scored 27 points before Miami even got on the board. Miami twice rallied to get within a TD down, but UNC kept on, and they hung on for the victory. Wow, wow, wow. Congrats to UNC (and to the Editor's lovely bride).

GT v. MD. In his first career start, MD QB, Chris Turner, threw for 255 yards and a TD, and MD RB, Lance Ball, ran for three touchdowns. At one point, MD had GT down 21-3, but the Yellowjackets rallied back. GT had an opportunity to tie the game in the fourth quarter on a 2-point conversion, but they failed as MD swarmed and punished the conversion attempt.

(FSU is back in the Top 25--the world is starting to become normal again.)

VT punished Klimpson. Dook lost, but scored 36 points against Wake. (Not good, Wake, not good.) UVA won on a last second FG against Sister Mary's School for the Blind and Handicapped (oops, er, Middle Tennessee). (Not good, UVA, not good.)

Okay, so I'm all over the map this week, but I just had to mention all these games. What a great weekend.

(Did I mention that FSU is back in the Top 25? I love Xavier Lee.)

Next week: I would say GT v. UM is the game of the week, but not after UM's putrid performance this weekend against UNC. So, sorry folks, but the ACC game of the week is FSU v. Wake on Thursday night. Of course, now that I've said that, FSU is destined to puke all over themselves.

The non-ACC v. ACC game of the week is UNC v. SC--UNC is coming off a big win, SC is ranked as high as they have been since 1984. Can UNC beat SC and make Spurrier throw his visor and cry like a baby? God, I hope so.

(In case you missed it, FSU is back in the Top 25, and I'm in love with QB Xavier Lee.)

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