Wednesday, October 31, 2007


! This dapper fellow attended the 1942 Rose Bowl which was played in Durham...Yes, we said "Rose Bowl."

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in early December 1941, Duke was scheduled to play Oregon State January 1, 1942 in the Rose Bowl. Officials in Pasadena thought the game unsafe and were on schedule to cancel it. The folks from Durham stepped up and volunteered to host the game.

According to the Duke Archives: "The transplanted Rose Bowl game was played in Durham on January 1. Borrowed bleachers from the University of North Carolina and NC State boosted stadium capacity from 35,000 to 55,000 spectators. A flood of East Coast sportswriters descended upon Durham for their first Rose Bowl while only a single writer came from southern California. The heavily favored Duke team lost on a cold, rainy day to an underestimated defensive team that successfully protected an early lead. Coach Wade later stated he spent too much time being host and too little time preparing the team. He also gave the team several days off to go home for Christmas."

It's interesting to note -- and perhaps is it a classic display of "football indifference" -- the lengthy article about the transplanted 1942 Rose Bowl in the Duke Archives NEVER mentions the actual score of the game.

Don't be alarmed. Duke lost: 20-16.

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