Wednesday, October 31, 2007


!There’s desperation, and then there’s desperation. Let’s call this “internal desperation…”

Back in early October, according to the Duke Chroncile – chronicler of all things Duke:

“The football team has turned to the student body for a kicker. Unhappy with the Blue Devils' 20 percent field goal conversion rate, head coach Ted Roof invited several athletes not in season to showcase their kicking talents. The next day, The Chronicle ran an ad that extended the invitation to the entire student body. Game on…

We can dream of taking the field for a revenue team, but dreams can only take us so far. We know that we will never make a 40-foot runner to force overtime against North Carolina on ESPN2. We know that we will never elude tacklers and flip into the end zone for a touchdown. But kicking is different. How hard can kicking be?

The job is simple: jog, kick, stare and either celebrate or cry. It's like third-grade soccer…”

Evidently, pretty damn hard. The kid's "kick" in the picture above was "wide right." ...And that's in the Band Room with no wind.

Perhaps you recall that back in 1997, the Blue Devils were sued by Heather Sue Mercer when she was cut from the team in spite of her ability to consistently kick 43 yard field goals. The coach, who encouraged her to “try beauty pageants or something” (We bet that went over well in court), insisted that she be able consistently make 48 yarders. Mercer was awarded $1 in compensatory damages and $2 million in punitive damages!

Where is Mercer (center) and her 43 yard field goals now, when the Devils need her?

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