Sunday, October 28, 2007


James Davis backed up his guarantee of a Clemson victory, running for 129 yards and a touchdown to lead the Tigers past mistake-prone Maryland 30-17 Saturday in the Ugly Uniform Bowl. Cullen Harper threw two touchdown passes to tie the single-season school record of 21.

Both teams need to seriously rethink the unis. The purple pants with the orange helmet has always been a bad look. Stick with the orange. Maryland’s black, yellow and red combo looks good most of the time, but the football jersey’s particular red just isn’t hitting the right notes. It’s a bit busy, but that seems to be the trend.

The Terps helmet? Dreadful. The cartoon writing "Terps" needs to go. Period.

Besides changing unis is a good way to get your program going. Look what the pointed and slanted new numbers on the Boston College jerseys has wrought. Of course, a uniform change hasn’t help Duke, but it’s probably asking a bit much to prevent college football’s annual perpetually doomed Titanic sinking swoon with mere textiles…Or is it?

Oh well, we can always make fun of Oregon State…Now that's a bad uni.

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