Friday, October 26, 2007


It sucks to be on the losing end of an Instant Classic (see: 2007 NCAA Tournament, UNC v. Georgetown), but unfortunately it is what it is. Or as our esteemed barrister said so eloquently at some point last night “you are where you were.”

And the Hokies were so very close.

For 57 minutes and 49 seconds Virginia Tech’s Lunch Pail defense dominated #2 Boston College and Heisman candidate QB Matt Ryan. The Hokies and their beleaguered offensive line and rushing game did enough to win the game. The weather was classic, the crowd in Lane Stadium at full howl (as always!), and there were even close plays to debate. There were seven fumbles, but only one turnover…

It really came down to one play – BC’s onside kick. The ball bounced off the Hokies normally sure handed Josh Morgan and took a wicked bounce right back toward the oncoming BC kick coverage team. Ryan made a spectacular play on the winning TD with 11 seconds to play.

BC 14, VT 10.

With full kudos to another classic, STRIPES: And then depression set in…

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