Monday, September 3, 2007


In spite of an opening ugly loss, Duke believes they are going to get better...why? New unis. Works everytime.

Here's all the scoop from Paul Lucas' UNI WATCH from ESPN's Page 2.

ACC• Completely unnecessary downgrade at Boston College, where this and this (both perfectly good designs, right?) have been supplanted by this. Good luck reading that gold number on the red jersey. And why replace the soaring eagle sleeve patch with a simple eagle's head, especially when the latter looks so much like the patch used by those other Eagles? Pfeh.

• Duke, which looked like this last year, has added shoulder stripes to the team's jersey.

• Last year's Miami design, which was a fairly standard Nike template, has been scrapped in favor of a new design featuring very strange piping on the chest, which looks even weirder from behind (those are scrimmage photos, which is why the helmets are blank; the lack of player names on the jerseys, however, isn't just a scrimmage thing). Uni Watch isn't crazy about this design but loves the totally nifty pants piping . The strangest element: college football's first-ever rear belt-loop logo, which kind of makes it look like everyone's letting loose with a giant fart.

• Strange tweak at North Carolina, where the old-school pants striping has been replaced by a truncated squirt that makes the pants seem shorter than they actually are.

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