Wednesday, September 26, 2007


TAH MAKES A BIRDIE. Count it. That would be one. At least it was at a famous hole. The Dell at Lahinch is world famous for a variety of reasons. It's a 156 yard par 3. For starters, one has no idea where the green is as it is completely hidden behind a three-story sand dune. There is a white aiming rock, that marks the pin's position. (The rock moves as the pin position changes). The green is about 30 yards wide and no more than 5 yards deep, it is tucked in a dell up against three tall dunes and the sensation of standing on it is sort of like standing in a room without a ceiling.

(This photo was taken from the #7 tee box. The tee box for The Dell is to the right of the big mound on the right)

Here's where it gets tricky. The tee box faces the ocean. The ocean is where the gale force winds come unabated from Greenland or some damn place out in the North Atlantic. The caddie instructed TAH to hit the 200+ club where we might normally hit either 8 or 9 depending on weather, BAC, general health conditions, etc. So, a 4-iron it is, and a rocket one at that. It landed about 15 feet behind the flag (along with Dr. Rob Ho Kee's rescue club shot). Lucked in the birdie putt.

156 yard 4 iron. Gotta love it.

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