Monday, September 3, 2007


Appalachian State is on a roll.

First came word via "The Today Show" of a recruiting coup for the school in the North Carolina mountains. Lauren Caitlin Upton, the freshly famous Miss Teen South Carolina, whose dingbat answer to a beauty pageant question became an instant YouTube classic, told Matt Lauer she planned to attend Appalachian State (assuming she can get her geographically challenged self there). The announcement had App State officials scrambling to get their academic programs, especially reading, up to speed.

Then the Mountaineers walk into the big house and knock off Michigan in front of 109,000 Wolverine fans. This is the first time since the invention of I-AA in 1978 that a FCS (Football Championship Subdivision, the idiotic new NCAAese for I-AA) team has beaten a team ranked in the AP Top 25.

What happened next could not have been unexpected.

Not long after word reached the ACC headquarters in Charlotte, ACC Commissioner John Swofford announced that he was immediately inviting Appalachian State, Wyoming, West Virginia and East Carolina to join the ACC. “Look at what Appalachian State just did, and they are located in North Carolina, the home of the ACC,” said Swofford.

“Wyoming kicked Virginia's ass…bad. So they're in. And East Carolina looked strong against the Hokies,” continued Swofford. “Morgantown is actually 17.4 miles closer to the coast than Blacksburg…that, and that Slyaton kid can flat get it.”

Did he mean "gittit?"

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