Monday, September 10, 2007


The ACC had a chance yesterday to show their pigskin metal, but they failed to deliver. Miami got crushed by Okalhoma, and the Hokies got run off the field by LSU. Unfortunately, the Hokies lost the first National Championship Elimination Game (NCEG), and in doing so they proved two things: 1) they’re not as good as everybody thought and 2) LSU is as good, if not better, than everybody thought. The Hokies should have been warned by the simple fact that ECU, at home, needed a last second field goal to scrape by North Carolina. So the Pirates aren’t as good as Hokie Nation had hoped, and LSU is as good as they feared. Oklahoma made Miami look slow, and that’s just plain scary. Both former Big East stalwarts were in good company as Saturday was the first time since 1979 that football powerhouses Miami, Georgia, Notre Dame and Michigan all lost on the same day.

– Late interception prevents #16 Nebraska from losing to the Deacons. Wake spent a fair amount of time in the red zone, but failed to capitalize. This was a game they could have, and should have, won. "Sometimes you're going to have to come away with a character win, and we did that today," Corhusker QB Sam Keller said. "Somebody had to step up, and we did. … You come into the defending ACC champions' house and take one from them -- that's big time." Really now?

VIRGINIA v. DUKE – Obviously, the Commonwealth has a dearth of opportunities to spend one’s entertainment time and money as 58,554 citizens of our fair state turned out for this stinker. Somehow, Al Groh managed to stretch his skin back over his dilapidated skelton as the Hoos cranked up over 325 yards of offense. Duke hasn’t won a game since Brittney Spears had a hit song (or so it seems).

OKLAHOMA v. MIAMI – Be afraid, be very afraid of the Sooners. Not only did they demolish the Canes, they did so by throwing FIVE touchdown passes. We didn’t think Oklahoma was allowed to pass…Doesn’t the Big 12 have a rule against that?

CLEMSON v. ULM -- Speaking of five touchdowns, Cullen Harper pitched a Cinco de Septembre for a school record in an easy win over Louisana – Monroe (Warhawks, 8,146 students, Monroe, LA)

BOSTON COLLEGE v. N.C. STATE -- Tom O'Brien's players gave Boston College another victory Saturday. Only this time he was coaching the other team. The winningest coach in Eagles history watched his new North Carolina State team turn the ball over seven times…Ouch.

GEORGIA TECH v. SAMFORD – The Jackets did it the old fashioned way…NINE rushing touchdowns. Samford: Bulldogs, 2,588 students, Homewood, Alabama – in case you were wondering.

FLORIDA STATE v. UAB – Speaking of not very good…FSU was losing this game in the second quarter to the Blazers (14,114 students, Birmingham, AL)…Ultimately, Drew Weatherford threw for 332 yards and three touchdowns as the Noles rallied from the early deficit. Just the same Seminole Nation still hates him, and blames him for every loss since 1989.

MARYLAND v. FIU – Oh yes, the fighting Golden Panthers…and we do mean fighting. Alas, there were no fisticuffs as Keon Lattimore ran for 111 yards and Coach Fridge ate 46 Twinkies at half-time as Maryland held off pesky Florida International (31,000 students, University Park, FL).

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