Monday, September 10, 2007


Obviously, the bye week did not negatively effect the #1 ranked Fauquier Pee Wee Broncos. The Broncos crushed the Cavaliers 70-14 or 77 to 7 (depending on who you ask) in their second regular season game on Saturday. The Cavaliers played as bad as their woeful namesakes, the University of Virginia Boo-Hoos (as in boo-hoo, we suck again!)

The Broncos offense was unstoppable as they scored on their first five plays. The Cavs never got the ball out of their own backfield the entire first half. We aren’t sure if that was due to the Broncos suffocating defense or their own inability to figure out which way to run. Part of the problem could have been that the two teams' unis (one red, one dark orange) made them hard to tell apart. This problem, however, did not seem to impede the Broncos in any way.

No doubt Sports Illustrated Kids magazine, and the Five- and Six-Year-Old Pee Wee/Instructional Football League National Championship Series Poll (56PWIFLNCS) will again have the mighty Broncos in the top spot.

Way to go, Broncos.

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