Monday, August 27, 2007


IT’S A WEIRD WORLD AFTERALL...IT’S A WEIRD WORD AFTERALL...IT’S A WEIRD WEIRD WORLD…It's time for TAH to go international, so we are working on our translation skills. Here is what Yahoo Sports France had to say about the photo at left: Philippe Lucas, l'ancien entraîneur de Laure Manaudou, qui a retrouvé lundi matin la piscine de Canet-en-Roussillon, s'est refusé à tout commentaire concernant son ancienne protégée estimant que "ça ne sert à rien". Article lié

Here is TAH's translation:
Philippe Lucas, the former trainer of Laure Manaudou, which found Monday morning the swimming pool of Canet-in-Roussillon, refused with any comment concerning its old protected estimating that "that is not used for nothing". Dependent article.

Not bad, eh? (that's Canadian.)

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