Tuesday, August 14, 2007


WHAT A DIFFERENCE THREE WEEKS WILL MAKE. This affable looking fellow is Drew Weathorford, the staring quarterback for the Florida State Seminoles. Currently he is worshiped by Seminole Nation and hailed as the "next big thing" that will lead the Noles back to their rightful spot as ACC Champs and National Champion contenders. In all likelihood, somewhere between 8:09 and 8:23 pm on Monday, September 3rd during FSU's opener against Clemson, every single FSU student, faculty member, alum and fan will HATE HIS GUTS after he either fumbles or throws an interception in each of FSU's first two possessions. These turnovers will lead to two quick Tiger touchdowns, and an early and insurmountable 14-0 lead. Clemson will win the game, Bowden will say "Dagummit" and Seminole Nation will be suicidal.

Any questions?

(Photo by AP Photo/Phil Coale)

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