Thursday, August 16, 2007


Michael Silver’s column on Yahoo Sports Monday a.m. talked about how PETA (and we would say to a lesser degree the ASPCA) have fulled the media fire surrounding the Vick case to unbelievable heights.

He talks about the simple fact that there are crimes against animals and crimes against humans, and now the line is blurred about which is worse.

Enter Leonard Little who in 1998 drove home after celebrating his birthday, ran a red light in downtown St. Louis and caused a collision that killed another motorist while blowing a .19, nearly twice the legal limit. Littlee eventually pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and spent 90 days in jail. When he returned to the Rams after an eight-game NFL suspension, Mothers Against Drunk Driving protested outside a Rams game, but few people noticed.

According to Silver: “It's a horrible story, but it might have contained at least a slightly redemptive touch had Little assuaged his guilt by urging others never to make the same mistake. He could have become a vocal and visible spokesman for consuming alcohol responsibly. He could have used his platform as a star athlete to try to save the lives of future drunk-driving victims.

Instead, Little drank and drove again…and was arrested for driving while intoxicated…Little, charged with a felony for driving while intoxicated as a persistent offender, was later acquitted after his lawyer convinced a jury that the arresting officer hadn't followed proper procedures in conducting the field-sobriety tests…In other words, Little triumphed in court thanks to the legal equivalent of the Tuck Rule – only with a far more subdued reaction by the offended party (in this case, anyone with a brain and/or a conscience) than that displayed by Raider Nation.

I always thought that MADD, which tried to draw attention to the case, was a robust, publicity-savvy advocacy group. But, apparently, PETA is the big leagues, and MADD is rookie ball.”;_ylt=Ar7GErWbAtEzUozI3B4ErNtDubYF?slug=ms-morningrush081307&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

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